6.01 - Requirements report

You may generate a requirements report containing : 
  • All requirements from a specific project 
  • A selection of requirements from one or more project(s) 

Note : Selecting more that one project (in the drop-down list of projects) is an option which is set under the Squash TM configuration file  (squash.tm.cfg.properties). Refer to Chapter 4 of the Installation Guide for further details.

  1. Click on [Requirements report (PDF format or Editable format): requirements report] 
  2. A foldaway unit "Report criteria" opens in the right section of the screen. 
  3. Set the scope of the report by either selecting a project in the drop down menu, or by clicking on [Change selection] and selecting items in the displayed pop-up window.

  1.  Click on [Generate] 
    1. The requirements report is displayed as shown below. You may export the report in .pdf / .html format or word format.