6.03 - Execution Follow Up Report

  6.3.1 Generate an execution follow up report

  1. Click on [Execution follow up (Progress Follow Up) Follow up executions]

  2. The foldaway unit « Report criteria » opens up.

  3. Different criteria are available for the set up of the report :

     Selection modeBy default, the application generates a report covering all campaigns.
    To refine the perimeter of the report, click on [Change selection] and select one or more campaign(s).
    Scheduled start
    Actual start
    Scheduled end
    Actual end
    Dates are optional.
    To define a date, click on the dash and pick relevant date in the displayed time table.
    Note : all campaigns later than input date will be retreived
     Campaign status Options for campaign status are :
    • All (by default) 
    • In progress : campaign(s) with at least one iteration, and with at least one test case, of which the status is 'Ready' or 'In progress'. 
    • Over

  4. Click on [Generate]. A page of level 2 opens. It contains two panels:
  • Report Criteria (described above)
  • A report table corresponding to the previously defined criteria

  6.3.2 Generated Execution follow up report

Two boards are generated from the Execution Follow up report.

   Dashboard for Campaign follow up

The board is displayed for each selected campaign, according to the report criteria:
  • The name of the project(s) to which the selected campaign is attached
  • The selected campaign(s) 
  • The iteration(s) related to the selected campaign(s)
  • The test suite(s) related to the iteration(s)
  • The planning (if input) of campaign(s) and iteration(s) 
  • The number of test cases by status 
  • The total number of test cases by campaign, iteration and test suite
  • Execution progress (percentage) for iteration(s) and test suite(s)

   Test case list by campaign

The table lists the following information : 
  • Projects
  • Campaign(s) 
  • Scheduled start date for the campaign 
  • Scheduled end date for the campaign 
  • Actual start date for the campaign 
  • Actual end date for the campaign 
  • Iteration(s) 
  • Scheduled start date for the iteration 
  • Scheduled end date for the iteration 
  • Actual start date for the iteration 
  • Actual end date for the iteration 
  • Test case(s)
  • Tests suites
  • Test case status

  6.3.3 Export the generated Execution follow up report

  Different export formats are available. 
  • Dashboard for campaign follow up: .pdf, .html 
  • Test cases list by campaign: .xsl, .ods, .csv, .pdf, .html
  1. Select the format in the combo box
  2. Click on [Export]