12.03 - Command

'execute' 'script.soapui'

What: This command executes the test suite defined by the 'script.soapui' resource it is given as input. This command executes on the (implicit) void target because the target SUT is defined by the SoapUI workspace and cannot be overriden.

EXECUTE execute WITH {soapuiScript<Res:script.soapui>} AS {soapuiResult<Res:result.soapui>} [ USING $(<soapui.test.suites>;<soapui.test.cases>;<soapui.project.path>) ]
  • soapuiScript<Res:script.soapui>: This resource references a single xml workspace file as produced by SoapUI, or (since 1.7) a bundle containing such a file. (Resource of category script.soapui)
  • soapui.test.suites: The expected value is the comma separated list of the test suite names to execute. If this key is not defined or if it is an empty string, then all suite are selected.
  • soapui.test.cases: Expected value is the comma separated list of the test cases names to execute in the selected test suites. If this key is not defined or if its value is an empty string, then all test cases are selected.
  • soapui.project.path: (since 1.7) In case soapuiScript is a bundle, we can indicate here the path to the xml workspace file relatively to the bundle's root
  • soapuiResult<Res:result.soapui>: The name of the resource which contains the result of the soapui command execution. (Resource of category soapui.result)
  • if the script.soapui is a bundle, we must indicate the path of the xml workspace file either in the convert or the command instruction.
  • if the path is indicated in both, the command instruction prevails
  • if it is not indicated, the test will fail


LOAD path/to/soapui_script.xml AS soapui_script.file
CONVERT soapui_script.file TO script.soapui (structured) AS soapui_script.soapui

EXECUTE execute WITH soapui_script.soapui USING $(soapui.test.suites=suite1,suite2;soapui.test.cases=tc1,tc2) AS result