12.02 - Converters

From 'file' to 'script.soapui'

Category-Name: structured

This 'structured' script converter will convert xml file resources to script.soapui resources. The converted resource is then ready for execution through the ('execute' 'script.soapui') command.
CONVERT {xmlSoapUI<Res:file>} TO script.soapui (script) [USING $(soapui.project.path:<soapui.project.path>)] AS {converted<Res:script.soapui>}
  • xmlSoapui<Res:file>: The name of the resource to convert (Resource of category file).This resource references a single xml workspace file as produced by SoapUI, or (since 1.7) a bundle containing such a file.
  • soapui.project.path: (since 1.7) In case xmlSoapui is a bundle, we can indicate here the path to the xml workspace file relatively to the bundle's root
  • converted<Res:script.soapui>: The name of the converted resource. (Resource of category script.soapui)


  • if the script.soapui is a bundle, we must indicate the path of the xml workspace file either in the convert or the command instruction.
  • if the path is indicated in both, the command instruction prevails
  • if it is not indicated, the test will fail


LOAD path/to/soapui_script.xml AS soapui_script.file
CONVERT soapui_script.file TO script.soapui (structured) AS soapui_script.soapui