11.04 - Assert

'result.selenium' is 'success'

What: This assertion checks that the selenium test suite execution was successful. If not, it gives the list of failed selenium tests in the failure message, and attaches the execution report in the surefire format produced by the selenium test suite execution as failure context resource.

ASSERT {seleniumResult<Res:result.selenium>} IS success

VERIFY {seleniumResult<Res:result.selenium>} IS success
Note: For differences between ASSERT and VERIFY assertion mode see this page this page

  • seleniumResult<Res:result.selenium>: The name of the resource (In the context) which contains the result of a selenium execution command. (Resource of category result.selenium)


LOAD selenium AS seleniumTestSource
CONVERT seleniumTestSource TO script.java (compile) AS seleniumTestCompiled
CONVERT seleniumTestCompiled TO script.java.selenium2 (script) USING $(org.squashtest.Selenium2JUnit3WithMvnDependency) AS seleniumTest

EXECUTE execute WITH seleniumTest AS seleniumResult
ASSERT seleniumResult IS success