10.04 - Assert

'result.sahi' is 'success'

What: This assertion verifies if a sahi execution succeed. If the assertion is verified the test continues else the test failed.
ASSERT {sahiResult<Res:result.sahi>} IS success

VERIFY {sahiResult<Res:result.sahi>} IS success
Note: For differences between ASSERT and VERIFY assertion mode see this page this page

  • sahiResult<Res:result.sahi>: The name of the resource which contains the result of a sahi execution command (Resource of category result.sahi)


LOAD sahi-scripts/test.sah AS sahi-script.file
CONVERT sahi-script.file TO script.sahi (script) AS test.script

LOAD configuration/sahi-conf.properties AS conf

EXECUTE execute WITH test.script ON Connexion-gui USING conf AS result
result IS success