10 - SAHI Plugin

The Sahi plugin is part of the base package shipped with Squash-TA (it is automatically installed if you choose the default project configuration for your test project). However, as it's packaged as a seperate plugin you can exclude it from the test project (and so avoid downloading and installing its dependencies).

This plugin provides all the elements needed to execute a sahi script in Squash-TA.


To use sahi script in your Squash-TA project, you have to:

  • Create the sahi script and integrate it (and all its dependencies) in the resources directory of your Squash-TA project. If you have a sahi script with dependencies you will have to create a file to define the path to your script. More details below.
  • Put a sahi_config.properties file in this resources directory (The name of this file has no importance). This file should contain the definition of the browser you want to use to execute the script.

Example of sahi_config.properties file content:

// For firefox your file should contain:

// For Internet explorer your file should contain:
  • Define the http Target which represents your SUT.
For more information see the tutorials 1 & 2 which are example of Squash-TA project using sahi.