08.01 - Target


Category-name: ssh.target

What: The ssh target represents a ssh server for the execution of commands. This is mainly used as SUT specification for batch testing.

Configuration: A simple .properties file dropped in the targets directory of your test project. To tag the file as an ssh configuration file, the first line must consist in the shebang mark: #!ssh. All keys in this file begin with the prefix squashtest.ta.ssh.

Available parameters:

  • squashtest.ta.ssh.hostname: Host to connect to. (Mandatory)
  • squashtest.ta.ssh.port: Port to connect to. This parameter is optional, if it is ommitted or empty the default SSH port will be used
  • squashtest.ta.ssh.username: Username to use for connection. (Mandatory)
  • squashtest.ta.ssh.password: Password to use for connection. (Mandatory)

Example: valid configuration file