07.01 - Repository


Category-name: ftp.repository

What: Will download your resources from a FTP.

Configuration: A simple .properties file dropped in the 'repositories' directory of your test project. It must contain AT LEAST: 'squashtest.ta.ftp.host'.

Available properties:

  • squashtest.ta.ftp.host: Supply the host name (mandatory)
  • squashtest.ta.ftp.username: The username to log to
  • squashtest.ta.ftp.password: The corresponding password
  • squashtest.ta.ftp.port: An alternate command port
  • squashtest.ta.ftp.filetype: The default files type. Currently supported: ascii or binary (either uppercase or lowercase).
  • squashtest.ta.ftp.system: The host system type. Currently supported: unix, vms, windows, os/2, os/400, as/400, mvs, l8, netware, macos (either uppercase or lowercase).
  • squashtest.ta.ftp.useCache: Tells if the repository must cache its resource to increase performances. Default is false.

Example : valid configuration file

squashtest.ta.ftp.host = myhost
squashtest.ta.ftp.username = tester
squashtest.ta.ftp.password = _tester
squashtest.ta.ftp.port = 50000
squashtest.ta.ftp.filetype = ascii
squashtest.ta.ftp.system = os/400
squashtest.ta.ftp.useCache = true