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0 - Principle

The goal of the link between Squash TM and Squash TA is to provide an easy way to manage Squash TA automated tests from Squash TM. 

How it works : Squash TM sends a request to Squash TA to run the test. Squash TA sends the result back to Squash TM.

You can use Squash TM server alone, or you can use it as a Master/Slave serveur. In the Master/Slave case, Squash TM communicates with the master server and the master server manages the slaves. Squash TM can be configured to allow server choice (Master or slave(s)) during test run.

This new feature allow to link a test case in Squash TM to an automated test in Squash TA. Then to run test(s) from Squash TM and get acces to the Squash TA execution report from Squash TM.

To activate the link between TM-TA a few steps are necessary :

Installation and configuration :
- The administrator of Squash TA server has to configure the link on the TA side(2.1 - Configuring TA
- The administrator of Squash TM has to configure the link on the TM side and create the necessary user/serveur in Squash TM (2.2 - Configuring TM)
- The administrator of Squash TM or project leader has to configure the projet to work with the Squash TM-Squash TA link. (2.2 - Configuring TM)

Implementation :
- In Squash TM, test case can be associated with Squash TA script. (4 - Using guide)
- In Squash TM, automated test can be run in the campaign workspace and execution report are available.(4 - Using guide)

For more information about the administration of Squash TM - Squash TA, you can alse check the (3 - Admin Guide).

For those not familiar with Squash TA, some usefull vocabulary :
Job : A squash TA project (one or more automated test) on Squash TA server
Master server : The main Squash TA server, Squash TM communicate with this server.
Slave server : Squash TA server used by the master server to run jobs.
For more information about Squash TA you can check the wiki.