C- Upgrade Squash-TA Toolbox

  • Download the new Squash TA toolbox you want to install here:


  • Install the new toolbox version in a separate directory as classical new install (see: Here)

  • You’re ready to work.

  •  Be careful, if you had special configuration for you project in your previous toolbox, then they will be lost. You had to set it again. You could use the eclipse import existing project feature, but for maven multimodule projects this doesn’t work.
  • New feature from 1.9.0 : If you are migrating to version 1.9.0 of Squash-TA-Framework, the logging has been upgraded to log4j 2-5. If you xant to use project developped with older version of TA you need to modify your log4j configuration files according to Apache log4j documentation..