Installation Guide

Squash TA contains four main component which will be described in section :
  • Squash TA toolbox. 
    • It's a bundle of tools which will help you to create your automation test. This toolbox is sufficient to write and run TA scripts. The eclipse include in this toolbox already embed the Squash TA eclipse plugin.
  • Squash TA framework
    • It's the engine of Squash TA. It parses TA script and execute them. As a maven plugin, this tool doesn't need to be downloaded manually. It will be downloaded automatically from the net at the first launch.
  • Squash TA eclipse plugin. 
    • It's an eclipse plugin which provide syntactic coloration and autocompletion for TA scripts.
  • Squash TA server
    • It's an execution server for Squash TA script. It's based on a jenkins server with a template for Squash TA execution job.