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New UI Directions

posted 24 Nov 2016, 19:23 by Robert Chandler   [ updated 24 Nov 2016, 19:27 ]
I find screen UI very interesting at the moment.

Until recently the web giant Google seem to have a mantra "content is king".  Since they served up information in flat simple screens. Not that they ignore screen design, but chose to focus on content and sensible layout rather than getting caught up in the endless nuances of screen color and design. Most people will comment on color and presentation before the content. So using color and UI chrome sparingly is smart right? 

Then Microsoft joined in thinking these minimalist screens were "The Trend" and created their boxy metro look for.. everything. They removing a lot of useful chrome from their screens and basically misunderstood much of this UI evolution. They lost confidence as iPads became very popular. Eventually they let great projects like Silverlight just slip away into obscurity.

Meanwhile hardware keeps evolving. Even small mobile devices now have stunningly beautiful Ultra HD displays. Site builders like Adobe, WIX and Wordpress get it and keep evolving delivering beautiful screen designers. High fidelity high impact screen designs containing crisp clean modern fonts  with wide immersive screens of Ultra HD Video and images.  And... all those subtle optional animations that enhance the experience without being too distracting

Back to Google. They recently surprised us (Nov 2016) by releasing a new Version of Google Site.  Your content is still central (same as any wiki) but now we can make beautiful screens (similar to WIX) that look great on all modern devices.  Features are still lacking but should keep evolving if they hope to retire Classic Site in 2018.

Looks like we finally have a new chapter in UI design if Google are turning the corner.  That's a lot of momentum.