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Disclaimer: We Are Not, this website is purely for Information Purpose. We only train you on How to Install, Setup and for Activation process.

Disclaimer: We Are Not Roku, this website is purely for Information Purpose. We only train you on How to Install, Setup and for Activation process.

Roku is a premier brand of streaming box service created and developed by an American enterprise, Roku Inc. What is interesting about Roku is the fact that it offers access to various entertainment content available on different web channels.

The first generational model of Roku, which was the product of Roku's collaboration with Netflix, arrived in the market in May 2008. Roku is a force to be reckoned with when we speak about the influence it has on the digital market.

Roku has been considered to be the one that caused the popularity of OTT platforms to increase rapidly.

If you wish to link your Roku device with your TV, you can log on to, or you can type in the URL window of your browser.

If you wish to learn more about the process of the Roku sign-up, setup, and activation, then read more.

How to Setup a Roku Device?

This is an important step. Once you have bought Roku and you have brought it home, you need to first set it up before you can watch anything on it. And setting up the Roku device is the easiest of all steps.

    1. Make all the necessary connections and switch on the Roku device.
    2. Power up the device by plugging all the players into your television.
    3. You have to make sure that you are in possession of an HDMI cable as the players will not be able to connect to the device without it.
    4. Make sure your internet router is plugged in and check whether the link is working fine. The internet speed in the surroundings and the ones reaching your router must be high.
    5. Then, you have to connect your Roku device to the internet. Ensure that you have clicked on the "Remember my Password."
    6. The internet is essential because Roku would need it to stream content from OTT platforms.
    7. You then need to create a Roku account, which is illustrated in the next section.
    8. Afterward, you would need to activate your device, which is illustrated in the last section.

How To Create a Roku Account?

Creating your own personal Roku Account is an essential step before you can commence adding channels and content on your player. You can wish to create a Roku account even before you have set up your device, or you can wait up until your device is set up and then initiate the sign-up process.

    1. It is imperative to understand that creating an account will not charge you anything, so you can create it anytime you want.
    2. If you have decided to create an account before initiating the setup and activation process, you need to log on to You will be directed to a webpage where you would need to generate credentials in the specified field.
    3. You can also create an account during the activation phase. During that time, you can choose to link your device to an existing Roku account, or you may choose to create a new one.
    4. While generating your credentials, it is essential that you type in your existing email address so that you are constantly updated about your account. While choosing a password for your account as well, you need to be careful.

How to Activate a Roku Account?

Follow these steps:

    1. First and foremost, your Roku device must have a link with your Roku account.
    2. You should read the "Quick Start Guide" that must have come with your Roku device. If you would still require any additional help, you can log on to the Roku support site and click on the "Setup and Troubleshooting section."
    3. Connect your device to the internet. Only when the device is connected to the internet that it can begin downloading the new software.
    4. A link code will then appear on your screen (for instance, something like "XD12G.").
    5. Remember this code and then log on to on your device (
    6. Type the code in the specified field. Hit on the Submit button.
    7. Then, log in to your existing account or make a new one at Roku to get a personalized experience.
    8. While creating a new account, you would need to add a "payment method," which would enable you to make in-account purchases.
    9. Once you are logged in, and your code is accepted, your device is now activated.