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Roku is one of the most phenomenal media platforms serving millions of users with a sophisticated entertainment collection in terms of video content. Starting with only Netflix collaboration, today, Roku is offering streaming for other platforms. Since its inception, it has gone through a series of upgrades to accommodate more video content for its users and followers. Hence, Roku popularized its idea to deliver low-cost, small form-factor set-top boxes. To tap the best entertainment experience, visit

Channels & Platforms supported by Roku

Roku can offer streaming services on the basis of countries and regions. In terms of channels basis, Roku supports the following:

    1. Netflix
    2. Amazon Prime
    3. BBC iPlayer
    4. Pluto TV
    5. ITV hub
    6. M Player
    7. Starzplay
    8. Crunchyroll
    9. TFC
    10. Rakuten TV, etc.

There are special offers attached to Starzplay, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, the details of which are available on the Roku website

    1. Roku Products
    2. Roku Express
    3. Roku Premiere
    4. Roku Streaming Stick +
    5. Roku Streambar
    6. Roku TV

What makes Roku so attractive?

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Several reasons can compel many users to start using Roku and its related streaming services. But, four reasons that make Roku so attractive are:

    1. Bulky free content from the TV Player, BBC Sports, Sky News, Red Bull TV, and Deezer
    2. Popular and most followed music channels like Vevo, TuneIn, Deezer, Box Plus, etc.
    3. Original content, in addition to the blockbuster movies and the latest TV shows from several renowned streaming OTT platforms.
    4. Ease of activation from

Creating a Free Roku Account

Before using Roku and its related services, one needs to have a Roku account. If the user does not hold a Roku account, they can create a new account by going to the Roku portal. But before creating an account with Roku, there is an age limit (18 years), below which there is no option to make a new account. Roku is following this policy for a very long time. To create a new account with Roku, execute the given set of instructions in chronological order:

    1. Turn on the user's system and launch the web browser present on the desktop screen by double-clicking its application icon.
    2. Then, on the address bar of the web browser and give the URL
    3. It will direct to another webpage, where the user can find the options to register with Roku by signup or creating a new account on their portal.
    4. Tap on the option and go to the Roku login and signup section.
    5. Enter the details, including first and last name, email address, and password. Ensure that the password is strong and secure so that no one can easily invade the account and use the same with ease. Accept the terms and conditions by ticking on the same. Tick the checkbox for captcha by tapping the "I'm not a robot."
    6. Follow the remaining onscreen procedures, like checking the inbox of the email address given during the Roku account creation for its verification.

Activating Roku Account

After installing and setting up the Roku account, activation is the next mandatory step. Before starting the activation process, check that there is sufficient network stability, the absence of which can create severe mishaps that may hinder the process. Apart from this, ensure that there is an optimum data transfer rate. To activate Roku, follow the steps given below:

    1. Open the Roku streaming device. On the home screen, go to the menu options and hit the activation. A 5-digit activation code appears on the screen in the Roku activation portal. Note down or copy the same. One can also take the snapshot to store them as an image in their smartphones.
    2. Next, open the smartphone or user's system, and start a web browser. On its address bar, enter the link
    3. Enter the user's login credentials in the Sign-in section of Roku. After successfully entering into the Roku web account, enter the activation obtained from the Roku streaming device. Tap the Submit option to finish the verification. Get set for a new roller coaster ride by exploring the horizon of shows, web series, movies, etc.