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Having a smart television comes with a lot of perks. First, you can watch your favorite Netflix movies on a bigger screen. Second, you can stream all types of content and video games from the TV itself. Unlike regular televisions, smart TV gives you the freedom to install apps, surf the internet, and even talk with your loved ones through video conference apps. But most of these smart televisions are either too expensive or not accessible to specific regions. To bridge the gap between world-class entertainment and affordability, Amazon launched a hybrid digital media player that adds smart television features to a standard boxed TV.

Amazon Fire TV is the newest addition to the smart TV boxes with four different variants for converting a regular TV into a smart TV. Users who wish to change their boring television into a fully functioning smart-television can purchase these smart appliances by redeeming their coupon code from

What is Amazon Fire TV?

Unlike traditional smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV is not a TV box; instead, it is a small box/add-on that attaches to your TV’s HDMI port to bypass the standard TV algorithms to add smart TV functionalities. It works in the same way as a Set-top Box, but instead of showing TV channels, you can experience an Android-like interface with your favorite Android applications.

By installing the Amazon Fire TV stick/box, you can stream content from your favorite streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney Plus, and more. Apart from streaming videos, users can download other apps to play video games, use social media, and even edit documents within the TV. Additionally, the Amazon Fire TV app can be used to control the TV remotely and add/delete applications even when you are not connected to the console.

How many Amazon Fire TVs are there?

There are currently four Amazon Fire TV variants that help you stream your favorite content on your regular television. Amazon Fire TV Cube, Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and the Fire TV Stick Lite are the four main products that come with a remote control to operate the TV box. Amazon users can also take advantage of the Amazon Fire TV app to remotely control the TV box to install, download, and delete applications remotely. Users can download and install the Amazon Fire TV app by following the steps given below.

Download and install the Amazon Fire TV app on Android

If you are using an Android device, you can easily download and install Amazon Fire TV apps using the steps below. Before moving forward, make sure you have an active Amazon user account. You can sign up at

    1. Go to Google Play Store and search for Amazon Fire TV.
    2. Click on the install button and wait for the download to complete.
    3. On the next screen, install the app on your smartphone.
    4. Visit and login into your Amazon account.
    5. Link your Amazon Fire TV app with your Fire TV device.
    6. Open the application and connect your Smartphone and Fire TV to the same Wi-Fi network.
    7. Amazon Fire TV app will then start searching for a nearby Fire TV device.
    8. Once it detects your Fire TV device, enter the 4-digit code that appears on your TV.
    9. Once connected, you can start using your smartphone as a remote controller for your TV.

Download and install the Amazon Fire TV app on iPhone

Follow these steps:

    1. From your iPhone, go to the App Store.
    2. In the search bar, type Amazon Fire TV.
    3. Click on the ‘Get’ button and wait for the installation to complete.
    4. Open the app and connect your iPhone and Fire TV with the same Wi-Fi network.
    5. Let the app search for your Fire TV.
    6. Once found, click on your preferred Fire TV device.
    7. Enter the code that pop-up on the TV.

Additionally, you can visit to get better discount offers on your purchase of any Amazon Fire TV device. Digital media players are making entertainment more accessible to people who want to use smart TV on a budget. Devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, and Roku TV are making a revolution in the entertainment industry by making entertainment feasible for the average consumer.