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Disclaimer: We Are Not Alexa, this website is purely for Information Purpose. We only train you on How to Install, Setup and for Activation process.

Alexa, or simply called Amazon Alexa, is a virtual assistant with AI technology that one can use to perform various tasks. Nowadays, a lot of people use this Amazon Echo device. You can connect Alexa to multiple devices, including Windows, and Mac computers, and mobile devices. With this device, one will be able to make things much convenient and easier. Setting up and using this device is also easy. For this, first of all, make sure that you have done the Alexa app download on your device. Here, the downloading process is also straightforward. By using Amazon Alexa, you can create a to-do list, set alarms, and reminders, stream podcasts, play audiobooks, and can do much more than that. And along with this, Alexa is capable of controlling several other smart devices also by using itself as a home automation system.

One can also extend the Alexa capabilities by installing “Skills” (an additional functionality that is developed by the third-party vendors). If you also own an Alexa device and want to set it up on your computer systems or mobile devices, you will have to go through the Alexa app download process.

Process for Downloading the Alexa App on Android and iOS

One can download the Alexa app on any of their devices without paying any charges. Here are the steps for downloading the Alexa app on Android and iOS devices:

❖ Firstly, unlock your device and then visit the Google Play Store app.

❖ After reaching the Google Play Store screen, search for the “Alexa app" using the search bar given at the top of the screen.

❖ And when you find the app, tap or click on it and then go to the “Install” button to begin the installation process.

❖ When the installation process gets completed, open the app by clicking on the “Open” option.

And after you are done downloading the Alexa app, you will have to create an Amazon account, after which, you will be able to choose the devices that you want to connect to Alexa.

Steps for Creating an Amazon Account

Here are the steps for creating an Amazon account:

❖ Start the process by navigating to the Amazon website.

❖ On the next screen, click on the box given next to the option of “No, I Am a New Customer,” and then click on the “Sign in Using Our Secure Server” option.

❖ Proceed by entering your name and email address in the provided space.

❖ Now, create a password, and make sure that you set a strong password that no one can quickly identify.

❖ After you are done entering all the details, click on the “Create Account” button.

Instructions for Setting Alexa as a Default Assistant on Android Devices

After the Alexa app download, you can set it up. Here are the steps for settings Alexa as a default assistant on Android devices:

❖ After installing the Alexa app on your device, navigate to the settings page on your device.

❖ And after reaching the settings screen, click or tap on the option of “Assist App.”

❖ Now, select the Alexa app to make it your default assistant.

Process for Setting Alexa as a Default Assistant on iPhone

Once you have done the Alexa app download on your iPhone, you can set it up. Here’s how you can set Alexa as a default assistant on iPhone:

❖ First of all, make sure that you have downloaded the Alexa app on your iPhone.

❖ And now, get to the Settings app on your device.

❖ And on the settings screen, scroll down and go to the option of “Assist app.”

❖ At last, tap on the Alexa app and then tap on “Set it as your default assistant.”

So, that is how one can use Alexa on their devices. Go and get the product now and get started with the setup process.