Prescription Drugs

Properly Disposing Medications

Over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription drug abuse is on the rise. Youth often perceive OTC and prescription drugs as “safe” alternatives to other illicit drugs. This is untrue. To counter this threat, it is important to properly dispose of prescription and OTC drugs.

National Drug Take-Back Day

The coalition partners with the Sheriff's Office and Helping Services for

Northeast Iowa to conduct 2 Take-Back Days a year in Fayette County.

This is a great opportunity to get those unused/expired medications

out of your cabinet and keep it out of the hands of youth.

The risk of abusing of prescription drugs is on a rise. With the rise of prescriptions, their availability has also increased. Teens who live in a house where drugs are not properly disposed of or not kept in a safe location are very likely to abuse of these. Sharing prescription drugs does not mean that the same side effects will show on the users, so avoid giving out your prescription drugs and dispose of them the proper way and stay away from using them outside of what has been directed by the doctor.