Not Just a Minor Problem

Underage drinking is not just a minor problem. It affects all of us. That is why the State has passed a Social Host Law. A social host is someone who knowingly allows an underage person to consume alcohol illegally on their property. Iowa passed a law in 2014 that penalizes social hosts with a criminal offense and fines of up to $330 with court costs.

This campaign informs the public about that law: what it is; why it's important; and how to work with this law to prevent underage drinking.

Binge Drinking

New research shows that binge drinking is a bigger problem than previously thought. More than 38 million US adults binge drink about four times a month. Iowa ranks 4th among the 50 states for the percentage of adults who binge drink.


Hosting minors at your next get together may be a violation of Iowa's Social Host Law and can result in fines and criminal penalties. Create awareness of the state Social Host Law.


Compliance Checks

Keeping alcohol out of the hands of our youth is a number one priority. Regular compliance checks has been linked to the reduced likelihood of illegal sales in communities.