Smoking or other use of tobacco or tobacco-like products (examples include but are not limited to cigarettes, electronic smoking devices, cigars, chewing tobacco, etc.) during business hours or on company property, at any time, is strictly prohibited. This includes any emerging tobacco product or simulated smoking device. This also includes all nicotine products not regulated or approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for tobacco cessation. Prohibition includes any and all buildings, owned, leased, rented and areas maintained by [business]; any grounds, parking lots, ramps, plazas or contiguous sidewalks; and in vehicles owned or leased by [business]. Use of tobacco or tobacco-like products in any vehicle of any employee, contractor, vendor or visitor when on [business] property is prohibited. The distribution or sale of all tobacco products is prohibited.

All employees, physicians, students, visitors, patients, vendors, contract workers, volunteers or any person coming on grounds or to the facility must comply with this policy.

This policy is in compliance with regulations and directives of the Joint Commission standards.

The policy complies with the Iowa Smokefree Air Act in the Iowa Code.


    • All persons are asked to extinguish and/or cease from using all tobacco or tobacco-like products before coming onto property.
    • Visitors or other non-employees will be politely informed of any policy violation and provided with information explaining the policy in a supportive and educational manner.
    • Applicants and interviewees will be advised that [business] is a tobacco-free worksite.
    • All employees are authorized and encouraged to communicate and reinforce this policy with courtesy and diplomacy to any person whom they see violating the policy.

Effective Date for Current Employees


Employment Application Statement

I acknowledge and understand that [business] is a tobacco-free employer and that I do not use tobacco or tobacco-like products as clearly defined in the Tobacco-Free Worksite Policy. I further understand that [business] is relying on my acknowledgement that I do not use tobacco or tobacco-like products as a condition of its consideration of my employment. I understand that false or misleading information given in my application, interview(s), or any supplemental information in the employment process may result in termination. I understand, also, that I am required to abide by all rules and policies of [business].

Quit Kits for chewing and smoking

These free packets are available to any businesses or clinics that would

like to hand them out to their employees or patients.

Contact Laura at if interested.

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