We've worked on numerous projects ranging from embedded systems to desktop software. The types of software we've developed run from low-level operating system code and device drivers, to application libraries and GUIs.

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Embedded Software Projects

Here are some of the embedded software projects we've worked on:

Port of Conditional Access Software from Win32 to Solaris
  • Ported CA software from Win32/MFC to Solaris 7 and Red Hat Linux 7, developed Win32-hosted GCC cross compilers for Solaris and Linux running on Cygwin.
Data communications gateway
  • Developed automated radio calibration using Perl and expect.
  • Built custom bootable Linux installation CDs.
E-commerce consumer electronic device
  • Wrote user interface and menuing library used in an e-commerce device prototype, which used the Telecruz TC701 TV-on-a-chip MIPS-core microcontroller.
Industrial high-speed digital camera
  • Worked on custom TCP RPC library for VxWorks for custom PowerPC-based high-speed digital camera. RPC protocol used for camera control and image acquisition.
  • Developed various board support package (BSP) modules, including NVRAM/flash routines and TrueFFS integration.
  • Ported Tcl to VxWorks, which was used to implement a telnet-based, command-line interface to provide access to device control and image acquisition primitives.
Hand-held computing devices
  • Phoenix BIOS customizations for an industrial hand-held DOS-compatible computer, using AMD's Elan SC400 486-compatible microcontroller.
  • Designed and developed board diagnostics, including CompactFlash ATA/IDE device, touch panel controller, and serial real-time clock for hand-held computer prototype using the Mitsubishi M32R RISC processor.
Evaluation board software kit
  • Developed in-house tools for design services company for first Mitsubishi M32R evaluation board. Tools included a RAM-based on-board monitor/debugger, and a BOOTP/TFTP downloader.

Software Development Projects

In addition to our embedded development experience, we've also worked on a number of desktop software projects:

Network packet sniffer module
  • Wrote an Ethereal v0.8.13 packet dissector for the Xpress Transfer Protocol (XTP).
Windows NT driver for ATAPI CD-ROM changer
Windows 95 automatic installation CD
  • Developed a fully automated installation CD for a set-top box prototype for a leading consumer electronics manufacturer. Installer intended for consumer use in disaster recovery, after a software crash renders OS inoperable. Installer consisted of DOS application to automatically repartition and reformat the hard disk, and a Win32 application to copy entire OS and application files to hard disk and configure the application.
Netscape Navigator document viewer plug-in
  • Wrote a Navigator 3.0 plug-in to view documents stored in a proprietary portable document format.
Windows scanning software
  • Ported Solaris-based color calibration library to Windows, and developed a native Win32 API color library.
  • Wrote Windows 95 printer driver plug-in to produce calibrate color prints.
Windows printer driver
  • Wrote fax printer driver for a fax-based remote document retrieval system.