“Why Join PTSA?” 
From a sharing session at the National PTA Convention – June 2008 
I am not asking you to join your mother’s PTA. I am asking you to join with your fellow parents 
and create your school’s PTSA. Parents, teachers, students and administrators meet, discuss 
and act together – speaking for every child and all children – diverse, united, speaking with one 
We all have a stake in educating our children, since our children are our future. Why join PTSA? 
Join to become an active participant in developing that future; to ensure that every child’s voice 
is heard. 
PTSA serves all our children, not just my child and the children at my school. Share your talents 
and your time for our children; be a voice for our future. 
PTSA provides the opportunities and structure for all individuals to become an advocate for 
children and families in their own communities. Combining the voices of millions of members 
allows PTSA to be a powerful force in ensuring the health, well-being and education of every 
There is a need for a powerful voice for all our children. Our children need our support for their 
schools and their education. PTSA provides an organized family and community component at 
the school. 
As a parent like me, do you want to be a powerful voice for your children and other children? Do 
you also need relevant resources and tools to do so? You are not alone! We are not alone! Join 
PTSA – be part of the strongest advocate for the education and well-being of every child! 
PTSA provides loving relationships, meaningful work, and faith in something larger than myself. 
Be an “agent of change” – voice your concerns and ideas with a group of like individuals who 
have a similar vision and hope for children, for education and for our community. 
You should be a member of the PTSA. We are all volunteers committed to working on issues that 
affect children and families. Your voice is so important to us, and we need your help. 

Scottie Parent - VOLUNTEER to help our PTSA run events & activities that support the students! 

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