Kayalanna Aujay Perrault Is a 16-year-old dancer born on August 14, 2002, in San Diego, California. She lives there for 6 consecutive years until moving to Grand Forks, North Dakota. At age twelve, her, as well as her family, relocated back to San Diego where they currently reside. Throughout her lifetime she's gained experience in many different artistic fields. This includes five years of a band playing seven different instruments, choir and vocal performances for 3 years, theatre for 3, drawing and painting throughout her whole life. She started her dance career in 7th grade at Lemon Grove Academy (LGA) in the beginning dance class. She was quickly moved up to the advanced class and was put on the dance team. In 8th grade, she was given the title of Co-captain where she gained knowledge as a choreographer and a leader.

At first, dance wasn't her passion, but before she knew it she fell in love with the art. She continued her dance career into high school where she was placed in the intermediate class. The following year she was accepted into the Unleashed Dance Company (Helix’s High Schools advanced class.) she previously meet The Origin Performing Arts Academy, a dance studio that specializes in the teaching and learning of the hip-hop. She was asked to join and immediately accepted their request. With them, she's competed in many competitions where they've won multiple first places, overalls and earned their title as 9th best hip-hop dance studio in America in teen division and 3rd best for the adult. Later in her Freshman year she became a dancer in her school's theater production In The Heights. In her Junior year, she continued to put on plays with the Highland player's which includes Mr.Burns and Urine town. As well as Becoming captain of 3h dance Team and Hip-Hop club. With all the different dance styles, and artistic experience she hopes to lead her own competition team and be a prominent member of the Broadway stage.

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