2020-2021 Events

June - July Virtual Summer Workshops via Zoom for choreography & musicianship

June - July Choir Creative Committee (Assistant DIrectors, Section Leaders and Dance Captains) Wednesday Zooms

August 18/20 First synchronous class via Zoom (see Canvas homepage for details)

August 24 (weekly) HD/HLX Monday Choreography Zooms 6-7pm HD, 7:15-8:15pm HLX

August 25/27 Begin Snap! Raise super-powered fundraiser (Donate Here)

September 16 HD/HLX Parent Meeting via Zoom 7pm

October 1 ALL Choir Karaoke Night via Zoom 6pm

December 7 HD/HLX Cohorts Monday Choreography Cohorts (postponed as of 12/15) 3:15-4:15 HD, 4:30-5:30 HLX

December 12 * ALL Haunted Helix Holidays (Virtual Concert) 7pm

The following 4 virtual festivals represent a POSSIBLE option for HD and HLX:

The team that brought you the West Coast Show Choir Finale last June is pleased to be coming to you with a plan for a 2021 virtual competition season, the SoCal Show Choir Series...

SoCal Show Choir Series Dates:

  • Burroughs Music Showcase: April 16-17, 2021

  • Oceanside Sound Off: April 30-May 1, 2021

  • Hart Encore: May 14-15, 2021

  • SCVA Spectacular: May 28-29, 2021

The events in this virtual competition series will allow for single song submissions, multiple song/set submissions, niche categories, educational workshops, and the opportunity to participate in a mass show choir virtual performance. Students who participate in this event will learn the song at Burroughs Music Showcase and Oceanside SoundOff and will then learn the choreography at Hart Encore. Audio and video submissions will have specific due dates and our team of editors will then put it all together for viewing at the SCVA competition.

We, as a team, wanted to create a season that would get our students excited and motivated to keep up their hard work, give them some sort of competition season to look forward to, and to make it a richer and more interactive/educational by adding vocal and dance workshops as well as foster the COMMUNITY of show choir by putting together a mass choir performance that will be debuted at the final event.

Another aspect of this series that we think will be particularly attractive is the elimination of placements or traditional divisions. We will certainly be dividing the submissions in a way that keeps like levels together to ensure equity and fairness but won't necessarily adhere to the traditional divisions. In addition, we have chosen to eliminate placements and instead will be offering best performer awards for each choir and a multitude of caption awards for each division, focusing on celebrating the work of our students.

The following events are TBD depending on state and local guidelines:

Date TBD ALL Vocal Music Dept. Beach Party 3-8pm South Mission

Date TBD ALL Choir Karaoke Nights 7-8:30pm Choir Room

Monday Afternoons/Evenings (TBD) HD/HLX Choreography Rehearsals

April TBD HD/HLX/HS LMAAC Choral Festival/Exchange TBD (LMAAC)

April or May ??? (TBD) ALL Choir Night at the Padres TBD

May 1 HS Music In The Parks Festival 6am-11:30pm (Knott's Berry Farm)

May 5? (TBD) HD/HLX Spring Fling 5pm Helix Quad

May 8 ALL 2021-2022 Show Choir AUDITIONS

May 13 ALL Onstage Rehearsal - PAC 3-4:30pm

May 13-14 ALL Spring Cabaret- PAC 7pm (6:30 call)

May 24 ALL Vocal Music Department Awards Banquet TBD

June 3 HLX/HS & HD seniors Graduation - National Anthem TBD

* Performances in BOLD include ALL CHOIRS

*MV = Mixed Voices, HS = Highland Singers, Show Choirs' names are their letters! ;)

If you would like to chaperone and/or help with any upcoming performance or event

please email Mrs. Tolvo-Chan at tolvo-chan@helixcharter.net.