Welcome to the Business Department at Helias High School!
The business department offers a variety of courses intended to prepare today's student for a rapidly changing world in the business sector.  At Helias, all students are required to successfully complete Consumer Education or Personal Finance before graduation.  Many life-long skills ranging from correct keyboarding techniques, computer application awareness, to maintaining a checkbook, are covered in a variety of business courses.
For the school year 2012-13, I will be teaching Accounting I, Consumer Education, and Introduction to Business.  My conference hour will be during Period 7 which is from 2:00 - 2:50 each day we are on an "A" schedule.  You may contact me by email, lhaslag@heliashs.com, or by calling the school office, 635-6139. 
Accounting I--
Consumer Education--
Periods 4 & 5


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Introduction to Business
Period 6