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Officers & Chairs

2017-2018 Parents' Club Officers:
  • Co Presidents: Marcy Mealy and Melissa Astin
  • Co Vice-Presidents: Melissa Wilding, Libby Pool and Carol Magee
  • Co Treasurers: Kim Dowd and Kristi Schrimpf
  • Co Secretaries: Angie Bonnot and Kristi Schrimpf
 2017-2018 Parents' Club Concession Co-Chair:
  • Co Buyers: Rachel Andrews and Gretchen Crane
  • Volleyball:  Melissa Wilding, Dana Lalk and Chris Bowles
  • Boys Soccer: Laura Schrimpf and Julie Mercurio 
  • Girls Soccer: Danielle Sipi and Jill Winegar
  • Football: Whitney Hrastich, Kerry Kroll and Pam Mayfield
  • Freshmen/JV Football: Dana Wilbers
  • Wrestling: Anika Careaga and Kristin Imhoff
  • Girls Basketball: NEED VOLUNTEERS :) 
  • Freshmen and JV Girls Basketball: Kevin Fick and Betsy Byers
  • Boys Basketball: Leah Hynes and NEED VOLUNTEER
  • Freshmen/JV Boys Basketball: Jennifer Bish
  • Softball: Tina Woehr and Kristen Pringer
  • Baseball: Tina Woehr and Gina Clement
  • Archery: Stephani Werdehausen, Sue Rackers and Terri Haake
  • Formal Sales: Bobbie Leary and Laura Schrimpf
  • Uniform ReSale: Lori Brenneke and Melissa Brandt-Dudenhoeffer
  • Poinsettia Sales: Melissa Brandt-Dudenhoeffer 
  • Special Events: Marcy Mealy and Melissa Astin
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