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Girls Soccer

Chairpersons:   Lori Pierle                thepierles@juno.com            690-2117
                       Gayle Linsenbardt    gdlinsenbardt@gmail.com      690-6351
You have been scheduled to work as a volunteer at the Helias Mother’s Club concession stand for this sport.  You can find the time you are scheduled to work by locating your name within the list below.  If you are unable to work as scheduled, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find a replacement as soon as possible and to advise your chairperson of this change.  Please report to the concession stand (Hwy 179 complex) at the soccer field 30 minutes prior to game time.  All profits earned from our concession stands are donated to the Helias education fund which helps to reduce the total tuition cost for every Helias student.  



Note - when a JV and Varsity game are being played, the JV game starts at the time listed and the Varsity game starts about 1-1/2 hour later

Friday 03/27/15 vs. 4:00 pm Incarnate Word Academy 
JV Game
Parent of Lindsey Griggs 230-1337 Parent of Kayla S Wolters 680-0756
Parent of Logan Distler 301-0134    
Varsity Game 
Parent of Abigail Masek 635-5131 Parent of Addison L Linhardt 635-5715
Parent of Charlie E Colozza 761-4722 Parent of Todd M Buschjost 619-2208
Monday 04/06/15 vs. 4:00 pm St. Dominic H.S.
JV Game
Parent of Kaylie LeCuru 694-7369 Parent of Kaden Quinn 690-8455
Parent of Raegan Rieber 690-6309
Varsity Game 
Parent of Mary/Sophie Howser 636-2660 Parent of Sam Nichols 301-0820
Parent of Lydia Schulte 893-3726 Parent of Allyson Seaton 659-6647
Wednesday 04/08/15 vs. 5:00 pm Rolla H.S.
JV Game
Parent of Danielle M/Brooke Schrimpf 230-3189 Parent of Anna Clark 893-7149
Parent of Ben Kolb 690-5391
Varsity Game 
Parent of Nicholas Schnieders 353-2821 Parent of Blake L Steinmetz 680-4611
Parent of Cade Hynes 291-7399 Parent of Ashley M Tichelkamp 314-541-5870
Saturday 04/18/15 vs. 4:00 pm Duchesne H.S.
JV Game
Parent of Anthony E Fairchild 301-1904    
Parent of Kendra S Ruether 659-7869 Parent of Alexander R Brandt 619-1559
Varsity Game 
Parent of Morgan E/John "Jack" Rundle 635-5867 Parent of Joseph Bruemmer 896-5421
Parent of John/Megan Kerr 636-3174 Parent of Abby Shepard 694-2007
Wednesday 04/22/15 vs. 5:00 pm Smith Cotton H.S.
JV Game
Parent of Dalton B Roark 634-4449 Parent of Ashley Rehagen 893-8357
Parent of Grace Dittmer 635-7451    
Varsity Game 
Parent of Katheryn J Robbins 796-9413 Parent of Haley Samson 645-0822
Parent of Jacob Schulte 230-6692 Parent of Brody J Buschjost 690-8136
Monday 04/27/15 vs. 4:30 pm Visitation Academy
JV Game
Parent of Georgia Roark 636-7414 Parent of Nathan/Luke Mercurio 462-5580
Parent of Allison Strope 291-5559    
Varsity Game 
Parent of Grace E Verslues 645-2008 Parent of Laura Vanderfeltz 635-3657
Parent of Ashley Atkinson 301-0702 Parent of Shannan N Schulte 230-9930
Saturday 05/09/15 vs. 11:30 am Quincy H.S.
JV Game
Parent of Bryce Jarrett 573-353-6353 Parent of Alex Buschjost 893-5655
Parent of Jordyn Nappier 690-0080    
Varsity Game 
Parent of Ethan/Courtney Twehus 659-3822 Parent of Mary Macy 821-1232
Parent of Madelyn Neuner 619-9688 Parent of James/William Wieberg 418-6577
Tuesday 05/12/15 vs. 5:00 pm Camdenton H.S.
JV Game
Parent of Morgan Wieberg 291-1177 Parent of Hannah Dallmeyer 636-3137
Parent of Jonathan Campbell 573-644-4634    
Varsity Game 
Parent of Molly Farnam 230-4399 Parent of Sam/Jack Heckart, Hoey 353-3660
Parent of Alyssa Sullivan 690-0916 Parent of Cole Czarnecki 690-1720
Thursday 05/14/15 vs. 5:00 pm Hickman H.S.
JV Game
Parent of Mia Millard 462-6088 Parent of Regan/Anna Krummen 619-7761
Parent of Maddison Lammers 291-0690    
Varsity Game 
Parent of Cole Hazelhorst 573-680-6463 Parent of Dalton J Goser 301-1120
Parent of Jonathan Trower 694-0960 Parent of Hannah S Warren 353-9266
updated 2/26/15 (2/12/15 schedule)