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Boys Soccer

Helias Boys Soccer 2015

Chairpersons:    Laura Schrimpf     laura.d.schrimpf@accenture.com    230-5413
                         Julie Mercurio       9mercs@mchsi.com                        462-5580 
You have been scheduled to work as a volunteer at the Helias Parent’s Club concession stand for this sport.  You can find the time you are scheduled to work by locating your name within the list below.  If you are unable to work as scheduled, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find a replacement as soon as possible and to advise your chairperson of this change.  

Please report to the concession stand at the soccer field 30 minutes prior to game time.  
All profits earned from our concession stands are donated to the Helias education fund which helps to reduce the total tuition cost for every Helias student.  


Friday 08/21/15 vs. Camdenton H.S. Varsity 5:00pm
Varsity Game
Parent of Joseph Bruemmer 896-5421 Parent of Hannah Crane 690-4878
Parent of Hunter F Creed 821-6465 Parent of Matthias Dunville 230-2151
Tuesday 08/25/15 vs. Kirksville H.S. Varsity/JV 5:00pm
JV Game
Parent of Alicia Engelbrecht 893-8557 Parent of Caleb Grimm 634-6029
Parent of Julie Harris 680-4339 Parent of Stephen/Anna Hirsch 635-5321
Varsity Game 
Parent of Tyler Hoerschgen 573-338-8833 Parent of John/Megan Kerr 636-3174
Parent of Josh  Kliethermes 694-7970    
Tuesday 09/01/15 vs. Moberly H.S. Varsity/JV 5:00pm
JV Game
Parent of Elijah Korenberg 353-8137 Parent of Casey Linsenbardt 690-6351
Parent of Addison L Linhardt 301-2103 Parent of Evan McCorkle 680-3913
Varsity Game
Parent of Luke Mercurio 462-5580 Parent of Carson Mudd 690-8224
Parent of Arris Pardalos 353-0759 Parent of Paige  Paschal 761-4378
Monday 09/14/15 vs. Battle H.S. Varsity/JV 5:00pm
JV Game
Parent of Mikayla Pitera 659-4624 Parent of Joseph Randazzo 821-1261
Parent of Nick Rembecki 415-2113 Parent of Ryan L Rodeman 636-7377
Varsity Game 
Parent of Aaron/Corey Schepers 338-1972 Parent of Kiefer Schmidt 230-9927
Parent of Allyson Seaton 659-6647    
Tuesday 9/22/15 vs. Quincy Notre Dame Varsity/JV 4:30pm
JV Game
Parent of Carter Toebben 694-0404 Parent of Sam Verry 301-1354
Parent of Dalton Weaver 694-3284 Parent of Madison/Sam Ferrier 680-6085
Varsity Game 
Parent of Noah Wisch 291-7597 Parent of Kristin L Wilde 694-1543
Parent of Jonathan Campbell 573-644-4634    
Saturday 9/26/15 Helias Catholic JV Tournament/ TBA
Parent of Sierra Foster 680-0386 Parent of Sarah  Gartner 634-7948
Parent of Jason Houser 291-2281 Parent of Henry Luebbert 291-6567
Parent of Emily K Pestka 291-0831 Parent of Emily Reeves 230-7140
Parent of Connor/Lauren Roy 248-495-0209 Parent of Ethan Schulte 694-4477
Saturday 10/03/15 vs. Hannibal H.S. Varsity/JV 11:00am
JV Game
Parent of Elliott Lammers 291-0690 Parent of Danielle M Killion 301-6581
Parent of Krystal Brauner 338-2732 Parent of Molly Farnam 230-4399
Varsity Game 
Parent of Jake Hebenheimer 291-6505 Parent of Danielle Kroll 638-3885
Parent of Anna Krummen 619-7761    
Monday 10/05/15 vs. Jefferson City H.S. Varsity/JV 5:00pm
JV Game
Parent of Sam Nichols 301-0820 Parent of Courtney Twehus 659-3822
Parent of Drake/Evan Winder 680-7770 Parent of Matthew Backes 645-8392
Varsity Game 
Parent of Sam/Ben Husting 230-6014 Parent of Nolan Sachse 619-2562
Parent of Anna Thibon 694-8699    
Tuesday 10/13/15 vs. Hickman H.S. Varsity/JV 5:00pm
JV Game
Parent of Trent Distler 418-5437 Parent of Braden Remmert 680-9224
Parent of Kayla/Lucas Wolters 680-0756 Parent of Bryce Jarrett 573-353-6353
Varsity Game 
Parent of Logan Brauner 619-6275 Parent of Kyle/Morgan Fischer 694-5152
Parent of Ashley Rehagen 893-8357    
Tuesday 10/20/15 vs. Southern Boone H.S. Varsity/JV 5:00pm
JV Game
Parent of Sarah/Alex Oesterly 680-7638 Parent of Kayla Yanskey 659-7435
Parent of Adam Veit 680-6458 Parent of Morgan Wieberg 291-1177
Varsity Game 
Parent of Ryan Hartman 821-3216 Parent of Ashley Hart  680-5620
Parent of Clayton Oetting 659-7756