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Important!!!  Your Services are Needed!!

  • Parents' Club is seeking officers and co-chairs: Co-President, Vice President, Varsity Football co-chairs (2), JV Football (1), Freshman Boys Basketball (2) Please contact us at parentsclub@heliascatholic.com if you would like a great way to get involved and meet new friends! BONUS you will receive a Free Annual Helias All-Sports Pass.


Volunteers Needed: 

Helias Parents' Club is made up of all parents and guardians of Helias Catholic High School students. Parents' Club’s purpose is to host events and raise funds that help make our school better place for all! Parents' Club hosts concession stands, Uniform Resale, Poinsettia Sales and Formal Resale. Each year Parents' Club donates $25,000 or more, which goes directly to the school’s General Operating Fund. This year, because of the dedication of volunteers over several years we were able to make a special donation of $50,000 to Helias Catholic High School. Our hard work and donations benefit ALL students and the whole school! 
Under normal circumstances, each parent volunteers at least once for each student they have at Helias. Students and club leaders also volunteer to earn money for their club and earn service hours. Please see below our current plans for this year:


·       Due to COVID-19, parents may opt out if they and/or a family member is at high risk of complications. As a result, we will really need all of you who are willing and able to volunteer this year!  

·       Parents' Club services will be scaled back. Concession stands will serve only bottled drinks and pre-packaged food. All volunteers will be provided with a mask and gloves. Customers will be asked to socially distance and also wear masks. Please SIGN UP HERE to volunteer. 

·       Volunteer spots for Fall & Winter Sports are open so please sign up now. Spring events will be posted soon and we will reschedule the Uniform Sale, Formal Resale later. 

·       Volunteers will receive an email reminder and a text reminder from the co-chair. If there are changes to an event you will be notified as soon as possible. If you cannot work the shift you signed up for, you must find a replacement. Thank you all for your time and help! 

·       Parents' Club will not allow students to volunteer this Fall. Hopefully students will be able to volunteer later in the year and earn Service Hours.



Helias Parents' Club

The Helias Parents Club is an organization created and comprised of ALL PARENTS AND GUARDIANS of Helias Catholic High School students.  Each school year, Helias Parents Club RAISES MONEY FOR THE HELIAS GENERAL OPERATING FUND WHICH BENEFITS ALL HELIAS STUDENTS by helping to offset the costs of providing a valuable education to every HCHS student.  The school expects this donation and incorporates it into their annual operating budget.  Sports concessions, uniform/formal resales and the annual Christmas poinsettia sale provide these opportunities to raise these funds.  In order to be successful in raising funds that will allow the Parents Club to give an anticipated annual donation of $25,000 (or more) to the general operating fund, EACH PARENT IS NEEDED to work at least one event.  Your time and energy is greatly appreciated!


We're looking for people willing to fill vacant officer or co-chair positions for next year!  If you're interested in helping out, please contact President Kristin Boyer, 573-680-2042.



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         that fits your schedule best.

EACH PARENT IS REQUIRED to signup and work at least one event. We would love it if some could volunteer for more!! We have over 700 concession and other event positions to fill each school year so everyone is needed to ensure we can make that donation to Helias' operating budget! 


If you have any questions regarding Helias Parent's Club or would like to volunteer to be a co-chair for any event, please contact Kristin Boyer or Karen Ehmke at parentsclub@heliascatholic.com.   

Thank you!! 

Helias Parents' Club Website Administrator:  Pam Wolken
Email:  parentsclub@heliascatholic.com