by Kim Purcell

Hannah has been living in poverty with her grandmother in Moldova, a small Eastern European country, since the death of her parents so she jumps at the chance to come to the US to be a nanny for a family with two young children.  In spite of the warnings of her best friend, Hannah comes to the US with a fake passport, intent on studying English and some day becoming a doctor.  She soon realizes that all is not as promised.  She is given a tiny room in the garage and is expected to work sixteen hours a day cleaning, preparing meals, and watching the children, and she is never paid.  She is not allowed to leave the house and becomes a prisoner in the home. As things become progressively worse, Hannah has to summon all her courage to try to escape her dangerous situation. Although not a true story, Hannah's story is similar to that of thousands of young teens who are trafficked every year and become virtual slaves.