Theater Design


Theater Design

Grades 11-12, 1 Semester Course, ½ Credit,

Prerequisite: Instructor’s Approval, No Textbook


Course Description

The course explores both the design and the construction aspects of theater sets. The students help with the actual design and construction of the sets for actual theater productions.

Student Objectives

To learn and understand basic parts of the stage and theater designs

To learn the basic concepts of theater design/sightlines, etc.

To learn and practice good shop safety

To learn and practice the basics of set building.

To learn and practice the basics of set painting.

To learn the basic concepts of theater lighting.

To be able to understand the importance of knowing the story to be told.

To be able to understand the working relationship with the director.


Course Outline

Introduction of theater terminology

Basic concepts of theater design

Reading and interpreting a play script

Director’s notes

Exploring set designs

Shop safety

Building concepts and practices

Painting concepts and practices

Creative concepts and practices


Course Evaluation

Term Tests

Special Short Reports

            Theaters / Performing Arts Centers

            Broadway Musical

            Biography of Theatrical Performer

Shop grade based on:

            Work habits

            Cooperation / Time Used

            Taking instructions

            Practicing shop safety

            Displaying painting skills and techniques

            Displaying creative techniques

            Displaying building skills

Set Designs for a Theater Production

Final Written Exam

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