When history repeats itself and revenge trickles down thru time.....

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are there lessons from history? ....  is revenge inescapable? ....  does murder change everything? .... is exile an answer?

BEGINNINGS:  Where A Life Begins

~Tales of Survival and Revenge ~


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Gary  Heilbronn                                 BEGINNINGS by Gary Heilbronn
Gary Heilbronn - the author

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An historical tale of genetic memories spanning millenia from prehistoric days to almost the present  

....Set in the Basque country of Spain and France....
  • during two decades of Spain’s civil war, nazi occupation, liberation, recrimination and political division 
  • where powerful characters play out an ancient cycle of murder and revenge resurfacing through history 
  • with multi-layered themes of love, intrigue, myth, science and true historical detail. 

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What it's about...

A young mother, Maria, and her unborn child escape fascist persecution and the murder of her husband and infant son at the end of the Spanish Civil War only to find their lives in the Basque country of France once again thrown into disarray by nazi occupation, a divisive collaboration, the injustices of  the "liberation" and then the economic and political turmoil of France in the 1950s. They soon discover that there can be no real escape, especially from the past.  This gradually becomes apparent, first to the unborn child who even from the womb revisits the worlds of her distant ancestors especially at times of their lives when life and death decisions threaten to change their futures forever. The visions that Anna has, reveal a hidden cycle of murder and revenge that seems doomed to re-appear again and again though the centuries only now returns to haunt both mother and daughter as they struggle to build new lives for themselves.