.......A Guide To Rights And Responsibilities....... by Dr Gary N Heilbronn

For consumers, students and
 tourism & travel professionals
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designed to be read by ordinary people, especially consumers of air travel services: people who are not lawyers or professionals in the aviation and travel industry, 

but those professionals and students of those subjects will benefit from it as well.  

It covers the situation in Australia and also in New Zealand, in view of the closeness of the legal systems and the considerable travel and other movement between these two countries

"...the aim of this book is to make sense of a complicated set of legal principles and procedures that affects ordinary people who want to make claims against airlines and other organisations or entities in the air travel industry when they suffer some loss from industry activities or if they are injured while involved in air travel ..."

For a deeper understanding of the issues and the law affecting any of the matters discussed here, readers can look to “Aviation”, Vol 34 of the Laws of Australia which is also written by this author. In this present book, there are many references to the Laws of Australia but in no way should this short book for air travel consumers and students be considered as a substitute for that resource.  If anything, it complements the relevant parts of the Laws of Australia which is the source that should be referred to by lawyers, travel industry experts and others seeking a fuller understanding of the applicable law


Gary Heilbronn has been researching, teaching, writing about and consulting on aviation and travel law for over three decades in Australia, Asia and Europe.  He has been a practising lawyer, law professor and consultant in aviation law. 

He has written and contributed to several text books, many articles, conference papers and other media events on various aspects of aviation law internationally and in Australia.  He has written, amongst other books, the seminal reference text on Travel and Tourism Law in Australia and New Zealand (The Federation Press, 1992); all the editions of “Aviation”, in Vol 34 of the Laws of Australia (Thomson Reuters, 1994 to 2015);  “Civil Aviation” Vol 4, Halsbury’s Laws of Hong Kong (Butterworths, Asia now LexisNexis, 1999); “Air Carriage” in Chitty on Contracts – Hong Kong Specific Contracts (Sweet & Maxwell, now Thomson Reuters 2004 to 2015) and “Logistics: Aviation” Vol 14(1) The Hong Kong Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents (LexisNexis, Butterworths: 2014)