Data Migration

We realize it can be difficult to move to a new software package for managing your inbox.  As you transition from your old system to our new BergApps suite of tools, we suggest that it may be a good chance to start with a "clean slate," and not attempt to move all of your old messages or calendar events into the new system.

However, we realize that some of you may wish to migrate data from your old system; the guides below are offered as starting points to help you in this process.
 Transitioning from BergMail
 Transitioning from BergMail
Read our hints for making the move from our old, web-based BergMail system to BergApps.  This includes hints for retrieving mail from your old BergMail inbox and for importing your BergApps address book.
Importing mail manually from clients like Microsoft  Outlook®, Thunderbird, or Eudora
 Configuring Other Mail Clients If you were already using an IMAP- or POP3-capable email tool, it's easy to copy or migrate your messages by simply adding your BergApps account as a new, additional email account in your client.  

Once you've done so, you can drag-and-drop messages from the old system to the new.  (If you were using an older version of Eudora, please note that you might need to upgrade to Eudora Open Source Edition before you can successfully migrate your mail.)

See our brief guide at left for configuring these kinds of mail clients to talk to your BergApps account.
Importing from Microsoft Outlook® using an automated tool
 Import data using Google Apps
Migration for Microsoft Outlook
Download Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook® to import your email, personal contacts, and calendar events from your oldOutlook profile into Google Apps.
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