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Why should I join Kingdom Riders?

The reason you should join Kingdom Riders is that we love to show the Love God has given us to those who are in need. The ways we show God's Love is by visiting residents of our local nursing homes, helping the Trustees maintain the church yard, providing community service by help clean up the future sites of Habitat for Humanity sites, and cleaning our local county and state highways. We've also helped the local elderly rake the leaves in their yards and even mow their yards. We do our part for the environment recycling items like pop cans and paper.  We also take time to have fun like going swimming, bowling, and to youth retreats.

Speaking of Youth Retreats: we help raise money for our retreats where we have great fun by having Yard/Bake sales, Walk-A-Thons, mowing yards, cleaning out closets etc.

So if this sounds like a place you would like to check out please contact one of our youth leaders for more information.

What's the Best About Our Group?

We are a small group of kids that love the Lord God.  

One of the best things that we get to do is going out into our community and helping others.  

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