Partnership Opportunities

Financial Partners: 

We have been able to do so much with past gifts of people like you. Thank you for choosing Heaven’s Reach Ministry to be your partner. Together we will change lives and transform cultures and make difference around the world. Just as we are in the Delia’s life and her family. Just one of the children who comes to our feeding center. Every Dollar Makes A Difference. 

Please consider becoming a monthly partner and be a continued part of this ministry and all we do. Below is our list of current projects waiting funds to complete with your one time gift.

Monthly funding:  Budgeted $16,850; Receiving $6,000 35Opportunity $10,000 (updated June 2019)

If you would like to become a financial partner, you can donate online or make a check payable to HRM and mail it to

P. O. Box 608
Lowell, AR  72745.  

We also have gift in-kind opportunities including  Medical supplies and equipment:  for a list of equipment and supplies we are looking for, please contact us by phone or email us at

We are now able to import these items tax free through our NGO.  

To make a one time donation click below.


Current Projects: 

These projects are awaiting funding to complete.  If you would like to donate towards any of them, you can send a check to our address or donate online or come and be a part of their completion by bringing a team.

Tools needed:

Electric stapler, $100

cement trowels, $45

shovels $54

rake $24

Lepaterique Church:

$2,500 walls

$750 for chairs 50 at $15 each

$1,500 Audio system

Feeding Center

$350 finish cement Floor
$300 for 10 chairs at $15 each
$500 Stove 
$450 Pots, pans, and utensils
$1,500 bathrooms

Projects for the school:

Bathroom for teachers, $800

Projects for the clinic:

We are receiving an other clinic in a can! We are looking to raise the budget to staff and sustain  both clinics the budget is $2,000 for staff and $500 for meds and supplies per clinic.

Projects for the Hospital:

Replace the ceiling tiles.  Cost:  $6,600, $1,000 donated so far.

Remove the black mold and repaint the patients' rooms.  Cost:  $1,200 

Give medical supplies and equipment.  Cost $5,000 per container of $150,000 worth of assistance. 

Water tower to take water from the well to the hospital. $6,350

Projects for the house:

personal furniture $2,000 Met

team meeting area furniture $2,500 Met

Projects for farm:

$2,200 per acre to buy land for this project. 

4,6,8 row drawn planter


Cement floor $560, $250 given so far Met

Water/irrigation $778

bathroom $187 x 2 is $374 for 2 bathrooms

Initial investment to create sustainability by planting cash crops. $2,500 per acre will produce $2,500 of income for the farm project per year . We have 10 acres to plant.

Cost of a full time farmer teacher. $6,800 per year or $500 per month

Projects for Light of the World School of Missions:

Light brigade Scholarship: $4,000 allow a mission student to attend free of charge preparing them to go out into the field of calling.

Projects for itineration:

this year our 1999 van stopped working and is now no cost effective to repair. We are praying for a replacement vehicle to drive during our itineration time in the US.

Prayer Partners: 

We recognize the power and need for prayer and we ask for your prayers for us, our family and our ministries. We are looking for more prayer team partners to receive dally and weekly updates of how to pray for Heaven's Reach Ministries and its staff and projects.

Awareness Partners:

If you believe in our programs and want to help promote them to others in your area, become an Awareness Partner (AP).  An AP works with us to spread the message of our needs as well as the opportunities to get involved.  Become a member of a team and make a difference today. 

Short-Term Mission trips: 

We accept teams of 10 to 30 people.  Activities may include, but are not limited to, VBS, construction, medical clinics (medical personnel not needed), agriculture instruction or application.

click here to download a printable brochure

Long-Term Missions: 

We are accepting applications for others who are (or want to be) in missions to come work with us to expand our capacity to serve the people in Latin America.  Assignments are not limited to Honduras.  These are self funded positions.

We are looking for the following positions:

  • Medical
  • Agricultural
  • Educational
  • Ministerial

click here to download a printable brochure