Projects for 2016

Hello to everyone from Honduras! 

We can’t believe that 2015 is almost gone already, however, we are so excited about 2016 and all that is and will be going on with HRM. When we sit and look at all that God has begun and has done over the last years we are amazed. HRM has tripled over the last year.

Recap of 2015: 

We moved onto the missions’ center in Yamaranguila allowing us to house ourselves, some of our staff, teams from the states & shipments of supplies and equipment as they come in to be distributed. We now have a church on center that is continuing to grow in number and in discipleship. We started the feeding center in Lepaterique and are starting a church there as well. We almost have the house finished on Victory Farms which will allow us to have someone on property to protect the crops when we plant them and to house a few men that desire to be a part of a regeneration project. We started 3 aquaponics systems. We received our first medical clinic which is set up on the center, a tractor, and an ultrasound machine. We hosted many teams that worked on all of these projects and more to benefit the people of Intibucá both physically and spiritually. We also held many movie nights and were able to feed 260+ people for Christmas. 

Projects for 2016:

We have many teams already on the schedule for 2016 and desire to host more. Teams are what help us do and fund the projects that serve the communities we work in and through those relationships the love of Christ and gospel are shared which we believe blesses those that come, the people they build relationships with and their home communities too. 
We will receive our 2nd medical clinic by February 2016. We desire to open both of these clinics full-time by March of 2016. One will focus on prenatal care by providing a full-time doctor, a lab, an ultrasound, teaching, and local access as well as provide care for those that are sick. The 2nd clinic will also provide prenatal care, a lab and local access to those that cannot otherwise afford it. We are praying for another ultrasound machine and more lab equipment as well as the medications needed to provide for pregnant and non-pregnant patients. We also are praying for the money to operate these clinics on a monthly basis. 

We desire to have someone moved onto Victory Farms and plant our first crops by the end of January. We need the money to finish the house and to plant those first crops. Victory Farms has many different purposes, one is to eventually be self-sustaining by selling part of the crops and putting the money back into the projects, to provide teaching to Hondurans on how to grow their own seed & grow their own food organically with minimal cost, to provide a place for a regeneration project that helps men overcome addictions, and a place to disciple Hondurans and share the love of Christ.
We intend to continue the church on the center (Light of the World Church) and continue church planting in Lepaterique and other remote villages that do not currently have evangelical churches.

We intend to continue the feeding center in Lepaterique and would like to grow it more than just one day a week. 
We intend to continue the aquaponics projects that were started in Yamaranguila, the hospital, and Lepaterique and we intend to begin smaller aquaponics projects in individual homes as we learn more and have the resources. These systems will provide tilapia and fresh vegetables to homes and areas that don’t have adequate water systems or space to grow gardens on the land. 

We are looking for more staff and need the funds to hire them. Hiring staff helps get the work done but it also helps feed families that otherwise cannot find work here. 

We are so grateful for those of you that pray for us, encourage us and support us financially and we couldn’t be here or do what we are doing without you. When we moved here 8 years ago we couldn’t imagine what Gods plan was and what we would be doing. We also couldn’t imagine how faithful you are to help us and keep us on the field. Thank you so very much. We pray that God returns to you 100 fold and that 2016 is the best year yet for you all and for Heaven’s Reach Ministries! 

Prayer Needs:

Please pray with us that more people and churches will come on board with us and help meet the growing financial needs and growing work. We have never been fully funded and yet God always meets the needs. He is faithful! We praise Him for you all and for the work that has been done and that needs to be done. 

Please pray for our family. Justin has surgery on January 8th on his feet (he has bones trying to protrude from the bottom of his feet). Haley is scheduled for a repeat cesarean section on Feb 19th to bring her second baby girl into this world. 

Pray that we can be in Honduras and get the work done and also be in the states to be with our family during these times. When we are here we long for our family and when we are in the states we long for our work and passion that God has given us to make a difference in Honduran lives. 

Pray for our mothers and their health. Pray for us and our staff that we would have wisdom and discernment to follow the plan and purpose that God has for us. 

Pray for the protection of us, our staff, families and the work. There is much spiritual battle and we need all of the prayer warriors we can get to fight this battle!

God Bless you all! Happy New Year!
Dean and Melissa