Tamara's Book

"Emerald Echo"
Beyond this world there is a world I want...
by Tamara Montana
By Tamara Montana 
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Enter a Magic Underwater Journey "... Within"
Discover Beneath Your Goosebumps and Rage
Untold Stories that Ache for Expression.
Experience Forgiveness and Freedom while learning how to "Unlock Your Heart Virtue"

EE Book

Illustrated by Lisa Ambroziak
Lisa resurrected her childhood talent of drawing
magnificent pictures. She has brought exquisite visual life 
to Emerald Echo. Her artistic gifts bring a fresh perspective 
on what's possible when you have eyes to see beyond the surface. 
Two of Lisa's greatest inspirations are her daughters 
Sophia and Stefanie.

Read by Tamara with dynamic sound effects in the background!

Emerald Echo is endorsed by: 
Greg Montana (Foreword); Wyland; T. Harv Eker; Mark Victor Hansen; Les Brown; Brock and Bodie Thoene; Debbie Ford; Berny Dohrmann; Max Tucci; Steven Sadleir; Robert Heiman and Debbie Allen.

Tamara's book reveals the essence and beauty of our soul, in a similar way that I've seen in the eyes of the dolphins I paint. Kids and adults are going to love this story.    
Wyland, Marine Life Artist and Sculpture

Emerald Echo is a powerful and insightful story for readers all over the world. A "must read" for every household.    
T. Harv Eker, Author of #1NY Times Bestseller Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Emerald Echo is one of those stories that captures your heart in a very unique way. Tamara has given us insightful nuggets that help us see ourselves and the world with generous compassion.    
Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Founder of Chicken Soup for the Soul; Founder of Mega Speaking Events

I love a great story that comes along and changes you forever. Tamara's found a way into our hearts by first understanding her own. She brings a wealth of insight by showing us what's possible when forgiveness becomes a way of life. Take the glorious journey and be blessed.     
Les Brown, Renowned Motivational Expert; Author of Speech Coach

Emerald Echo is a touching, heartwarming, beautifully illustrated tale about the journey of the heart. A little girl finds courage and redemption as she faces her greatest fears. Tamara has written a story that will touch every heart.    
Brock and Bodie Thoene, Authors of The Gates of Zion; Twilight of Courage; First Light; Shiloh Legacy; River Runs Free; Of Men and Of Angels, etc.

Tamara has demonstrated in this incredible adventure, the delicious blend of our humanity and our divinity. This story stands between heaven and earth, bridging a powerful message for readers of every age.     
Debbie Ford, Author of The Dark Side of the Light Chasers; The Secrets of the Shadow and creator of the Shadow Effect

Tamara's message belongs in every school. Emerald Echo is one of those powerful books that only comes around once in a lifetime...reminding us of why we are here. Don't miss the blessing that awaits your calling on the planet.    
Berny Dohrmann, Founder of CEO Space, a New Model for Executive Training

I love this book! Tamara brings a fresh perspective on how to deal with life's challenges. Her message shines like a beacon of light in the darkness. What you're looking for...is looking for you. Ride the wave of Emerald Echo.    
Max Tucci, Author; Radio Host and On Air Talent

Tamara's passionate quest for the Divine has brought one of the most yearned for messages of our time. Take the journey "within" Emerald Echo and get ready to be moved inside unexpected bliss.    Steven Sadleir, Author; Scholar; Lecturer of Philosophy; Director and Founder of the Self Awareness Institute

Tamara's book reminds me of a quote by Albert Einstein, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." In this beautiful parable, Tamara shares great universal truths. I felt my heart open as the characters came alive with a full spectrum of colorful inspiration. I deeply appreciate this gift to the world.    
Robert B. HeimanFounder and Formulator of Epicuren Discovery and Epicuren Baby in association with Anne Geddes 

Tamara's message in this insightful book is golden! She touches the reader with her heartfelt lessons of healing, hope, courage and friendship. Emerald Echo allows readers of all ages to escape into an underwater fantasy. Warning! You won't want to put this book down because you won't want the amazing journey to end.    
Debbie Allen, best-selling author of Confessions of Shameless Self Promoters and motivational film star including The Opus, The Compass and The VOW

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Author, Tamara Montana

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The mentors in Emerald Echo are two dolphins named Joy and Bliss. They reveal how our hearts echo to us from the future, reflecting back the highest version of ourselves. 

All of us are made in the image of God, and the internal voice of "what's possible," (no matter what we've been through) calls us forward in divine purpose...if we are listening.

"The Erwin Family"

(Referred to inside Emerald Echo's book!)
Transform any room into a Heavenly Portal...

Enjoy reading Emerald Echo with Audio Track 
(referred to in Emerald Echo's book)

The INDIGO cloud and GREEN stars slowly move!

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