Speak Your Truth

When you get your Heart Virtue... Speak it for 7 days!

Most people are speaking somebody else's truth in an effort to fit in. If you want to stand out, speak out!

When people take the Heart Virtue Assessment and they receive their Heart Virtue in an email they are only half way to experiencing the Clarity and Confidence our clients claim they got from knowing their Heart Virtue. You can know your Heart Virtue with the head by reading the email you'll receive...or you can know your Heart Virtue with your heart by Speaking your Heart Virtue. When I studied Quantum Physics, the topic of field theory gave great insights about the way people become heroes. The field you live in (which you call "my life") is actually a result of the words coming out of your mouth. Consider Martin Luther King: "I have a dream!..." was the turning point in which his field of influence reached the entire country. He had prepared himself for that day, building his field a little every day until it reached critical mass. The world we live in is a very different world because Martin Luther King spoke those words. Your world, the one surrounding you everywhere you go, is created and constructed by the consistent words you speak. We know from the feedback of thousands of our clients that the single most important determining factor to experiencing success with your Heart Virtue is to speak it for 7 days after you know it. Those that do, experience a new reality, those that do not, stay stuck. Do the test yourself, speak your Heart Virtue and you will see the difference!

After you take the online Heart Virtue Assessment Test, there are inspiring videos that will encourage and guide you. Take it now!