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Attendees from our 3-Day AuthenTalk Workshop:

"Greg is a preacher of reality! A good coach should use tools like Greg's to encourage athletes to believe in themselves and their possibilities." -- Bill Toomey Olympic Gold Medal, Decathlon

"I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the AuthenTalk 3-day Workshop, and how much it has impacted me. I've been to many self-development seminars, and generally come away with some overall idea of what happened, but no real take-home. After this seminar, I felt some new "inner programming", or a release of old programming; more self observation, and more "getting out of my own way." So, congratulations and thank you so much!" -- Dr. Hyla Cass

"Of all the classes I’ve attended, this one went most directly to the core of who I am, to give me the tools, to help me liberate and express myself.  I loved it!" -- Diana Lees

"I didn’t think it was possible to cut through all of the brain fog of 56 years to the clarity of an authentic Heart Virtue that could shine a light on the rest of my time on this planet.  But it was possible.  And it did happen.  I had the most authentic experience of myself in my life at this seminar.  I’m so excited about repeating that for the rest of my life." -- Denise Williams

"It’s not what we know that holds us back, it’s what we know that isn’t true.  The workshop has helped me realize that so much of what I “knew” about myself wasn’t true.  And the most powerful thing about myself…I DIDN’T KNOW. My Heart Virtue.  Greg and his staff gave me the key to unlock the person I really truly am.  And that is the most precious gift anyone can receive." -- Sterling Harris

"Thank you so much for creating an environment to live in my heart vs. my brain/head.  I was miserable and stressed because I was focusing on the results.  I got more frustrated when I did not get the results I wanted.  I learned that I am to focus on the experience I want to create instead.  That is such a huge relief.  I can enjoy my life and work again.  I love my life!" -- Li-Min Huang

"I had no idea how driven I was by my heart virtue until I identified it.  Then it was like a flashback to every time it was violated.  Thank you for helping me to reach such clarity about my life and my purpose. -- Kevin Holden"

"Everyone should discover their Heart Virtue!  Thanks Greg!  To think my brain was making excuses to not attend, and my heart said this would be what I need.  I am glad I listened to my heart." -- David Drozd

"I’m hooked.  I love the structure that has being created for being a Hero.  Know thyself, communicate beautifully, powerfully, authentically and make a contribution through courageous action.  This structure coupled with the tools and techniques that are provided and experiences make this the most powerful life altering course I’ve ever taken. " -- Stephen Shaughnessy

"In a word, awesome!  Also life transforming, impactful, incredible!  I-can’t-believe-this-is-real!" -- Alan Little

"Meaningful Challenges.  This class was amazing and brought my true self out.  No unnecessary hop jumping, just meaningful challenges that got me in touch with myself." -- Bill Spencer

Tracey Wise Program Director - The Learning Annex of Los Angeles
These are PHENOMENAL - Congratulations! Greg - I was at a holiday party a few days before X-mas, and the hostess introduced me as the person who runs The Learning Annex. A complete stranger RAN up to me and said “I just took the most incredible class!” -and it was yours! I can’t tell you how Happy I was...
Here you go:
The Excellent rating I gave to this class says it all, .it was enlightening and thought provoking.. .thank you, Learning Annex for offering this class! 221GLA B 
Absolutely brilliant. Not enough words to describe. Thank you. Annie 22IGLA B 
Please have more! 221GU B 
Hands down one of the best classes I ever took! 221GLA B 
Very profound, I’m glad I showed up 221GLA B 
Greg was truly amazing! I could have sat and listened to him for hours and hours!!! It is delicious when someone speaks profound truths...

Jory Rosen -- Learning Annex 
"This letter is to serve as a recommendation for the Speaking Services of Greg Mooers. Greg has been lecturing for the Learning Annex for quite some time, and we have had consistently positive feedback from our students. He is also personally quite enjoyable, and I know that anyone who avails themselves of his services will be pleased with the results.
"Greg has lectured for the Learning Annex for quite some time, and we have had consistently positive feedback from our students. I feel strongly that anyone who avails themselves of his services will be pleased with the results!"

Luna - USC 
"...A well-thought out and inspiring presentation, and the audience seemed to glean a great deal of meaning from it. I am still getting feedback -- people loved it!!!... I would recommend Greg Mooers highly for any speaking position."

JR Executive Director LK - Los Angeles Home Economics Teachers Association
"Can't thank you enough... you can see from the evaluations that you provided valuable 'meat' for our members. We strive to make our presentations powerful and professional. You gave it to us."

Maida Bessler - LA College - Business Dept. 
"Informative, insightful and very inspirational. Greg Mooers leaves a lasting impression. Anyone who attends his lectures is sure to find the stepping stone to the path of their dreams."

Toastmasters - Founders Conference 2001 
"Wow! Greg Mooers gave the most interesting presentation of the conference!... I feel fantastic!"

Pauline Bennett-- Roxbury Discussion."Greg Mooers spoke for us recently , and we are pleased to say everyone got a lot from his lecture. We would feel confident in recommending him to any other group that wants a dynamic and thoughtful presentation." 


TJ Branding Artist & Web Developer 
"Greg Mooers cuts through the clutter of life’s fear, doubt and confusion and with razor precision, puts you in the spotlight of your core being."

MB Monk 
"The experience I had in our first session was the most moving experience of my life."

Diane Mazzocio - Real Estate Agent. 
"Before I saw Greg I did not realize how little I understood myself. Now I can see with clarity and confidence who I am in every situation. I now have a great frame of reference in all my primary relationships."

LS Psychologist 
Wow! Talk about the universe cooperating. You were absolutely right, I had a most uplifting experience last night. Thank you, thank you, and thanks again. Fundamentally, it made me realize what my life has been missing since the scramble to finish my doctorate--my prized possession--CURIOSITY!

KS Sales Manager 
"Just a quick note to say thanks... The time you and I had together two months ago opened a door for me and now in this room of light I'm somewhat blinded by the opportunities that are before me... Quite honestly after all that's happened since our coaching I was a little afraid of how much else could happen if we met again. How cool is that!"

SS Academy Award winning movie producer
"I recently had a life changing experience with Greg Mooers; as a result of one session something shifted inside of me and I knew in that instant that I had changed the energy of the problem. Within 30 minutes I was able to generate significant funds to address the challenges that had instigated my call Greg in the first place. He is a gifted coach and teacher and I am living proof of his extraordinary abilities!"

CB Executive Coach 
You are an extraordinary coach. Not only have I found you to be knowledgeable and skilled, but you are intensely focused. You gave me 100% or your attention and supported me with your unconditional love. You did not offer crutches or "easy fixes." You demanded that I accept total responsibility for every aspect of my life and helped me understand that within me was a deep beauty, enormous worth and power beyond my wildest imaginings. You got me in touch with my magnificence and helped me make it shine. Thank you. I will never be the same, and I am deeply grateful for your guidance and support in this evolution of Clyde.

JB Chiropractor 
Thank you for the relationship coaching... very effective! We're now having clear and direct conversations.

JJ - Actress 
"What a relief...what clarity! More people need to experience your gift."

Jay Brakenseik - Dept of Health and Safety 
I used Greg's techniques today and was successful... They work!

Ric Middleton - Networking Consultant 
I wanted to compliment you on an excellent, excellent job on your tape! I was listening to it while I was driving and I actually pulled over on the side of the road to practice on of the exercises. It helped me realize that it is not about me and to focus on the other person.

In the front cover of his book to Greg Mooers Stephen Simon writes: 
"For My Partner Greg -- Without you, this book would never have been written -- Thank you for your faith, your support, your love, your guidance, your friendship, and your patience!! Love, Stephen 10/22/02"

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