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Online Heart Virtue Test

This 30-40 minute process will Identify your Heart Virtue online now. Enjoy! 

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eBook - Heart Virtue

Your Pain is Your Credential - Unlock Your Heart Virtue
 by Greg Montana (The Quantum Monk): This 180 page PDF download in English will outline the 3 skills all Heroes throughout history mastered in order to make their contribution to humanity, AND will explain exactly how you can take the first step and specifically identify the Hero living inside you that yearns to make a contribution to humanity and leave your legacy. Filled with testimonial stories, scientific evidence, Quantum Physics principles you can apply in your life and the author shares many secrets from his 8 years as a monk.


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eBook - Emerald Echo


Emerald Echo, Beyond this world there is a world I want...
by Tamara Montana. Enter a magnetic Underwater Journey "Within." Discover beneath our goosebumps and rage, untold stories that ache for expression. Experience Forgiveness and Unlock the Treasure of "Your" Heart Virtue.
Two dolphins named Joy and Bliss reveal how our hearts echo to us from the future, reflecting back the highest version of ourselves. All of us are made in the image of God, and the internal voice of "what's possible," (no matter what we've been through) calls us forward in divine purpose...if we are listening.


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Online LiFormula Process

This 40 minute online LiFormula Process will translate your Heart Virtue into a rich and rewarding career. In a single purpose paragraph, we'll clarify how your Rage, Pain, Fear, etc., fit in and serve you for life!


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Heart Virtue AND 
Emerald Echo Together!



Buy BOTH Greg and Tamara's book in a single download


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