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Buy Greg's Book... Greg Montana is the creator of Heart Virtue.™ At the age of 21, he started his own computer software company in Dallas. As a pioneer of artificial intelligence design, Greg was poised for extraordinary corporate success. He was about to buy an airplane, when one lonely night he found himself buckled over sobbing, saying, ”There’s got to be more to life than this.” Greg wanted to know his soul. So, he gave away his toys and become…a monk..For eight years Greg lived in a non-denominational monastery. He spent over 15,000 hours meditating, introspecting and studying the lives of heroes.
What he uncovered was nothing less than a Lightning Bolt of Insight! Beneath our Goosebumps and Rage, awaits our unique Heart Virtue aching to ignite!  Greg shows us how our pain is our credential, and has discovered a way to access the hero inside all of us. Mother Teresa’s Heart Virtue was Compassion; Martin Luther King’s was Brotherhood; Abraham Lincoln’s was Unity….  What’s your Heart Virtue?

Greg and his wife, Tamara Montana give Presentations; Authenticity Workshops; Divine  artnership Cruises and Retreats and Training for those Seeking Transformation from Addictions.  
They’re also Trainers with Rehabilitation Centers and Corporations who desire “Authentic Cultures.” 

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