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Your LiFormula turns your Pain into your Credentials. 
Thousands of people have been through the LiFormula process, which takes 7 of your most profound and disturbing life characteristics and Kaleidoscopes them into a beautiful paragraph that clearly outlines and expresses your life's purpose.
Martin Luther King is committed to Brotherhood (his Heart Virtue), so he would say, "I have a Dream!...I am committed to Brotherhood!" 
but his LiFormula would have sounded like this,
"I will not tolerate racial injustice! I know the pains of being judged for the color of my skin. My life has been threatened, but that tells me we are making a difference. I can no longer play a popular role of subordination or pretend that my voice does not matter. I will no longer be treated like a second class citizen because I am committed to Brotherhood!" 

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