If you already know your Heart Virtue and you are wondering what's next, keep reading...

Then, click on the drop down menu of this page and "Get Your LiFormula"

Knowing your Heart Virtue is Step #1 of the three steps 

You will master being the hero, you know you can be...

1. Know Yourself - Know Your Heart Virtue, your life's true purpose
2. Speak Your Truth - Communicate it Powerfully and Beautifully
3. Give Your Gift - Know Your LiFormula and join the Share Economy

Speaking Your Truth has 2 parts...take a look 
 I. Speak Your Heart Virtue FREQUENTLY for the first week after it was defined for you by taking the online Heart Virtue Assessment.  
II.  Leaning Your LiFormula which takes an inventory of your Rage (your intolerance); 
your Pain (your sacred credentials); your Fear (where your excitement is); your Taboo (what you avoid socially); 
your Facade (your phony presentation); your Ditch (where you keep ending up in life) and your Vision (peak experience of yourself). 

These integral, yet disowned parts of yourself 
can be presented by as powerfully as when 
Martin Luther King shared so beautifully "I have a Dream!"