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TO FIND OUT how to use your Heart Virtue (YOUR PURPOSE)!
TO SEE, throughout your life, WHAT YOU STAND FOR!
TO KNOW YOUR TRUE CREDENTIALS for serving humanity!
TO REVEAL YOUR FALSE SELF that you are addicted to showing!
TO STOP ending up in THE SAME DITCH!

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LiFormula exercise will identify and integrate the pieces of your LiFormula into a single paragraph that clearly expresses your life's purpose and vocation.
If you have not taken the Heart Virtue Assessment, CLICK HERE to get YOUR HEART VIRTUE NOW! Your Heart Virtue is the core of your LiFormula. 

Thousands have gained Clarity and Confidence and created rewarding careers and fulfillment through this process. Prepare yourself by setting your intention now that through this exercise, today you will know why you came to this earth. Most people cannot say with certainty that they know their life's purpose (LiFormula) because most people are looking at weak data when they try to define this calling. Just as the Heart Virtue Assessment Test asked you questions about your goosebumps and your rage (which most people have never before), so this test will ask you 12 questions to shine a light on the parts of yourself that you may not think are related to your life's purpose. Your calling is not what you are good at, or what you like to do or what personality tests tell you about yourself.  


Now we can create Your LiFormula!

Plug the pieces above into the following template:

I am committed to____________________ (your Heart Virtue)

Can I tell you a story? (pause for answer) ____________________ (your Pain)

I will not tolerate ____________________! (your Rage)

I am excited about____________________ (your Fear)

I'm taking the risk that you will think I am____________________ (your Tabu)

I am done (hiding behind) (pretending) I'm ____________________ (your Facade)

I will no longer end up____________________ (your Ditch)

The experience I am committed to creating is_______________ (your Vision for your relationships)

BECAUSE I AM COMMITTED TO____________________ (your Heart Virtue)!

Greg Montana gives you an 
Overview of Your LiFormula:
Your Heart Virtue is the Core of Your Purpose
Your Anger/Rage shows what you will stand for
Your Pain is Your Credential for service
Your Fear is actually excitement and shows your next steps
Avoiding your Tabu is the how you stop yourself
Your Facade is your false but comfortable presentation
Your Ditch is where you keep ending up in life.

YouTube Video

AFTER you know your LiFormula, 
Watch this video to understand it:

After You Get Your LiFormula