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The Share Economy is replacing our current broken economy. It's about sharing what you have of value instead of "selling".

Below are my favorite Share Economy websites AND we want to share Heart Virtues with you... 

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The Share Economy is a brilliant lucrative sustainable group of people who share spare bedrooms, rides, tools, even skills. 

Join us by posting your sharable assets on one of these sights!

The world’s largest transportation companies, own no vehicles:www.uber.comwww.lyft.me www.blablacar.com www.zimride.com

The world’s largest accommodation providers, own no real state: www.Airbnb.com www.9flats.com www.couchsurfing.org
www.easynest.com  www.housetrip.com www.wimdu.com www.homeexchange.com

The world's largest service providers have no offices:
www.elance.com www.airtasker.com www.zaarly.com www.mturk.com http://get.simpli.st/ www.vayable.com www.TaskRabbit.com www.gigwalk.com www.fiverr.com

The world's largest retailer, has no inventory: www.Alibaba.com

The world’s largest media providers, create no content: www.Facebook.com, www.YouTube.com & www.Google.com

Traffic avoidance - www.waze.com

Bicycles www.spinlister.com

Parking www.justpark.com www.parkingpanda.com

Petsitter www.dogvacay.com 

Garden sharing
www.Growfriend.org hyperlocavore.ning.com www.sharingbackyards.com www.urbangardenshare.org

Become a Patron of Creators of Websites, Podcasts, Animation, Music, Videos, Music Videos, etc. at www.Patreon.com

Chefs - www.kitchit.com

Money lending/borrowing - www.lendingclub.com www.prosper.com www.quarterspot.com

Books, Textbook borrowing - www.Chegg.com

Clothing - High Fashion www.poshmark.com www.renttherunway.com www.stylelend.com

Wifi sharing - www.fon.com

Rent or Giveaway or WANTED - www.letgo.com www.offerup.com www.freecycle.org www.neighborgoods.com www.rentoid.com  www.snapgoods.com us.zilok.com www.swapdom.com

Share Economy News http://travlpeer.com/

Buy, Sell & Share stuff

www.Craigslist.com - had to mention this one because I use it all the time... but be careful. Never pay through the internet (paypal, wire transfer, etc) only face to face cash and only stuff you can be sure of: a hammer, bicycle, office furniture, Not electronics (intermittent problems) or tickets, etc.

www.Amazon.com - I have had GREAT luck with used items on Amazon.com when I read the reviews and only buy from someone with great reviews. Check out the barcode scanning feature in this app!

www.eBay.com - I don't use this much unless I want to buy a lot of something or just cannot find it elsewhere, but it's a great place to price shop.

www.paypal.com - ok, this is just a standard financial necessity.

www.gasbuddy.com - Find the cheapest gas or diesel nearest you!


www.zillow.com - check out real estate values, what your home, neighbors home and homes for sale are going for.

www.creditkarma.com - what's your credit score?... want to know for free?! Credit Karma will even telly you why and give you lots of statistics about your credit rating.

www.logmein.com - Want to log into your PC at home or office? Send a document, fax, start a backup, look at a Flash website on your iphone! You can do anything on your PC with this incredibly powerful app!

www.Skype.com - BIG TRICK!... To make sure your remote group presentation goes well call on a cell phone (speakerphone on) and mute skype, using it just for video. I love seeing my audience! Skype is better on a computer, but the iphone app is good.

www.sidecar.me - cell phone users can share what they see, including live video, contacts, maps, etc

Flashlight - there are a bunch, find one with 5 star reviews and use your iphone as a flashlight.


www.netflix.com - $8 a month gets you all the TV shows, lots of movies and best of all DOCUMENTARIES you could watch in a lifetime. NO COMMERCIALS!

www.vudu.com - watch 1st run movies for $3.99-$15.99 - hi speed internet only

www.fandango.com - get movie times closest to you in a flash... even buy tickets before you get there. HINT: if there is s ticket kiosk there... what are you doing in line?!

www.redbox.com - Movies for about a buck... these kiosks are everywhere and you can return any movie to any other kiosk on the planet! Great for airports.

www.ted.com - better than college, thought provoking talks by insanely dedicated experts

Here is a link to listen to a really fun and informative recording of a conference call about the Share Economy: http://heartvirtue.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=514bc7b2b83d7f0dc6730d1a8&id=781031cc21&e=7ddd827c20