Heart Virtue Trainer

Susan Kerby graduated college in 1982 thinking...there has to be more to life than what I learned in school.  She had a burning desire to make a difference in people's lives, starting with her own.  Wanting to find her own authentic voice, she was trained to lead transformational seminars with Landmark Education.  By 2000 she was working with groups and had spoken to over 15,000 people. Susan experienced that facilitating meaningful process, made a huge impact in peoples lives. 

After unlocking her Heart Virtue of Honor, Unity and EnChAnTeD pLaY, Susan felt called to be a part of spreading the enlightened news of Heart Virtues to audiences.  She's been on stage as a trainer with Greg and Tamara Montana's Heart Virtues in LA, Denver, BC, Peak Potentials "Mind of Steel, Heart of Gold" and in Fresno, California at Kevin Wilke's Journey of the On-Line Entrepreneur. She's also been on corporate stages with PayPal, Stub Hub working with Speak Fearlessly in SF, SJ and Kansas City. 

Susan says: Just because we have something to say, doesn't mean it is heard.  Find your voice.  Speak up.  Express the gift of your Heart Virtue powerfully and beautifully in ways that invite others to play.  It's your time! Struggle is Optional...Ease and Grace are Natural.  Be the star in your own life, it's "your" stage. Shine! Make the difference you were born to make, with the people who are waiting for you.

Susan and her husband Russ not only work together, but also have a Beautiful Divine Partnership. Russ supports Susan behind the scenes, while Susan enjoys being in the scene.  


I see you.  Let's play!