Heart Virtue Bundle...

This 1 Gig Bundle Includes: 

PDF Books:
"Greg's BRAND NEW PDF version of his book "Your Pain Is Your Credential - Unlock Your Heart Virtue" - includes many shocking new stories and testimonials (in PDF)
Tamara's BRAND NEW PDF version of her book "Emerald Echo" - introduces Heart Virtues to children and visual learners (in PDF)
"52 Tips for Using Your Heart Virtue" (booklet in PDF)
"Emerald Echo, The Story" By Tamara Montana (In mp3 Audio and PDF)

MP3 Files:
Introduction to Heart Virtues - Part 1 (30 min)... Learn about Heart Virtue history, background and evidence.
Introduction to Heart Virtues - Part 2 (30 min)... More about Heart Virtues.
Quantum Physics for Life 1 (30 min)... Explore a medley of Quantum Physics Principles that apply to daily life.
Quantum Physics for Life 2 (30 min)... Learn how Chaos Theory is effecting you and what it has in store.
Quantum Physics for Life 3 (30 min)... Does Einstein's theory of Relativity have anything to do with YOUR relationships?
Relationships (90 min)... Radical Insights and In depth tools and tips for improving Primary Relationships.
The Power of Listening (90 min)... Greg's most popular audio product with insights on the art of listening and the observer effect.
Trust Your Heart and Train Your Brain (30 min)... Greg will introduce you to your Second Nervous System and show you how to use it.
Why we are Never Satisfied (30 min)... Greg's thoughts on Field Theory, Evolution and a very suspicious invisible force field in nature that drives us crazy!
Addiction and Relapse Prevention... Are you an addict? We all are, learn why and what to do about it.
Secrets of Empowerment (30 min)... Greg's favorite insights in the field of coaching, training and empowerment.
Know Your Calling (30 min)... Introduction to Heart Virtues with a promotional invitation.
50 One Minute Power Sessions Part 1 & 2  (60 min) ... Fifty quick Nuggets of Wisdom that will open your eyes wide with Awakening Insights.
10 Five Minute Power Sessions Part 1 & 2  (60 min)... Ten Powerful Insights YOU can live by.

BONUS MATERIALS (only until March 15):
"Unlock Your Heart Virtue - Become the Authentic Leader of Your Life" by Greg Montana - mp3 Audio book
"Emerald Echo, The Story" by Tamara Montana - mp3 Audio Book
OUR Heart Virtues Quick Reference Card - previously available only at one of our $2000 3-day workshops: This 5"x8" card outlines The Language of Heroes: 10 Do’s of Heroe's Language (10 things heroes do in speech, things you can do to have powerful productive conversations) and 10 Don'ts (10 things you can avoid that sabotage your success).