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"Your Pain Is Your Credential - Unlock Your Heart Virtue"
by Greg Montana

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 What people are saying about Greg's book...

I received your book Unlock Your Heart Virtue and was sooo glad to get my copy. I had discovered my heart virtue to be Integrity and Chapter 5 got me past my blind spot. I'm loving the book and my wife wants to read it also. 
Thank you very much! -- Jim P

The impact knowing my Heart Virtue, which for me is inspiring truth and beauty, love and joy in the world, has Healed people, brought them peace and joy and renewed hope when they dispaired of devour seeing light in their lives again. -- Sara D

I opened up to my "Heart Virtue" of "Creativity" and "Sacred Space." It was a powerful awakening that had me gasping, "How is it that I did not recognize this until now!" When the heart opens up, it moves tremendous amounts of energy that reveals with clarity the gifts that you were born to express in life. -- Bruce M

Your Heart Virtues process was vital to my well-being and sobriety.  I am still sober today and am doing wonderfully in my life. -- Brent P

I found myself surprised and amazed by your book, I am totally aligned with my heart virtue through your work. - Alejo L
"Unlock Your Heart Virtue" by Greg Montana and "Emerald Echo" by Tamara Montana 


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"Your Pain Is Your Credential" 
Unlock Your Heart Virtue
by Greg Montana

Are you ready for Every Part of your life to make sense?

If you found out you had cancer, would you rather talk to cancer doctor or... 
a woman who HAD completely healed herself of the same cancer - 
who would you rather talk to?
If you said, "The woman." this book is for you!
Her pain is her credential... and so is yours.
The things that have happened to you that have caused you the most pain 
(abuse, abandonment, disease, relationships, failures) 
are the things you have the greatest credentials.

I discovered my greatest pain in life was my greatest gift to others.
In this book I'll share my story with you and show you how easily you can 
deeply appreciate your life again, looking at areas of yourself you've
you never thought of.

We'll start with your Heart Virtue...
Mother Theresa's Heart Virtue is Compassion.
Martin Luther King's Heart Virtue is Brotherhood
Gandhi's Heart Virtue was Peaceful Liberation
Oprah's Heart Virtue is Self-Responsibility
What's your Heart Virtue?...

This book will explain the process you can go through on this website
to Discover your Heart Virtue and Unlock it's gifts....
and see with perfect clarity that Your Pain is Your Credential

About The Author:
Greg Montana and his wife Tamara teach people how to discover their Heart Virtue.
As a student of quantum physics and a pioneer of artificial intelligence design, Greg was poised for extraordinary corporate success. Then, one lonely night he found himself buckled over sobbing, saying, 
“There’s got to be more to life than this.” Greg wanted to know his soul. So, he gave away his toys and became… a monk.

For eight years Greg lived in a non-denominational monastery. He spent over 15,000 hours meditating, introspecting and studying the lives of heroes.What he uncovered was nothing less than a Lightning Bolt of Insight! Beneath our Goosebumps and Rage, awaits our unique Heart Virtue aching to ignite!

Greg shows us how our pain is our credential, and has discovered a way to access the hero inside all of us. Mother Teresa’s Heart Virtue was Compassion; Martin Luther King’s was Brotherhood; Abraham Lincoln’s was Unity…What’s YOUR Heart Virtue?

Greg and his wife Tamara Montana give Presentations; Authenticity Workshops; Divine Partnership Cruises and Retreats for those Seeking Transformation from Addictions.

They’re also Trainers with Corporations who desire “Authentic Cultures.”