Cultures with Heart

Creating Cultures with Heart at Home and in Business! 

Zappos Virtue Inside their Billion Dollar Corporation… Is a Culture of

“Happiness.” Greg and Tamara are Committed to seeing You Discover Your Unique Heart Virtue Inside Your Heroic Contribution that is in Alignment with what’s Most Meaningful to You, your Family and Business…

Have You Ever Thought of a Whole New Innovative Way  of Expanding YOUR Environment?


Being Excited to Get Out of Bed Each Day and Contribute Your Humanitarian Gift to the World?

  Zappos Culture of Happiness was so inspiring that
Greg and Tamara were moved to get engaged, then later married in that kind of environment!

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In looking at the lives of Tony Hsieh at Zappos, Google, REI, Richard Branson with Virgin Airlines, Apple and other companies, we saw them take their businesses from minimal profits to making Billions,without sacrificing the quality of rewarding relationships along the way. 

It was much like what Greg discovered when studying the lives of Heroes… In understanding the process of how people became "The Authentic Leader" of their lives, he learned they had all mastered three basic skills…

Everyone is aching to be a Hero…

Learning your Heart Virtue takes you through a profound, life altering “right of passage” showing us how to live like Heroes!

Greg's Heart Virtue is Spiritual Integrity, and Tamara's Heart Virtue is Authentic Expression and Innocence.

Martin Luther King’s was Brotherhood, Abraham Lincoln’s was Unity, Mother Teresa’s was Compassion and Gandhi’s was Peaceful Liberation.” 

When we look at the heroes of our time and throughout history, every hero was driven by their Heart Virtue!

What’s Your Heart Virtue?

Find out with quantum physics expert, author/speaker, 

former monk Greg Montana and 

psychotherapist, professor, author/speaker Tamara Montana  

People are tired of playing small!

Now, more than ever, our collective consciousness is changing at such a quantum level that more people are yearning to discover the true meaning of their own existence.

According to a study done by Harvel Hendrix & others:

65% of all married couples will divorce; 30-40% of all murders are spousal; 80% of America’s workforce says they would rather have another job; The third greatest cause of deaths among teenagers is suicide; 90% of lottery winners claim winning the lottery ruined their lives and relationships.

These are they symptoms of a society that is confused and fed up…aching to find meaning and to finally fill the emptiness from the inside-out, fully ready to discover Living Your

 Heart Virtue!

No matter what WALL you find yourself up against, 

Greg and Tamara believe you have a spark of divinity built into your molecules that is compelled to make a major contribution.

Like a blueprint we are born with, this unique gift works through us and when we are living in alignment with it, invisible hands seem to assist our every effort…

This gift is hidden behind a blind spot. Revealing this theme will give you clarity about your specific purpose and the contribution that will be most rewarding to you.

At Heart Virtue we have the tools that will train you to live in alignment with that Hero by identifying your Heart Virtue and putting it to work in your life…

Our desire is to ensure that everyone we meet gains clarity and confidence about who they are and know the contribution they want to make to the world.

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* 30, 90 and 120 minute Presentations

* Full-day Seminar

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* Private Coaching

Live Courageously in Your Heart’s Authentic Purpose!

Discover how identifying each persons Heart Virtue will not only give Clarity and Confidence for every family member, employee, client, customer and congregation's  self-expression, but will also facilitate encouraging environments for innovative ideas to flourish.

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